Dustin & Milla

Climbing the walls, and diva antics.

Our Latest pet crush: Milla

Social Media fame: Instagram: @MillaTheCat

The story: Love at first sight? I had never had a cat as a pet before, but had been wanting a Scottish Fold. We met with a family who had a litter (2 boys, 1 girl). When I walked in, two rambunctious kittens came running towards me, but my eyes were drawn to the little one sitting under the couch all prim and proper. I knew immediately she was the female and I wanted her. Two weeks later I picked her up and brought Milla home.

Nicknames: “Little Lady” “Critter Cat”

Colour of fur: Lilac

Describe your cat in 3 words:  Charismatic, Unique & Exquisite

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about your cat: Her Instagram pretty much sums up her daily quirkiness.

What’s the cutest thing Milla does / has ever done?  She likes to think she can climb walls and makes a valiant effort on a daily basis.

Cat’s main personality traits? Very independent, knows how to make things work in her favour, playful, loves long cat naps, carries herself like a DIVA.

Milla’s favourite thing?  Her favourite toy is actually these spiral glittery ornaments from the Christmas tree, which are now no longer ornaments and are now all hers.

Describe Milla’s typical day: Eat, Drink, Play, Sleep, get brushed (Repeat)

Finish this sentence. Milla makes me smile when … I wake up to her cute little face at the edge of my bed every morning.

Milla is my best friend because…. she has brought so much joy to my life and even on my worst day, she has always cheered me up and brought a smile to my face.