Best Friends: Agnieszka & Basil

❤ Tell us a bit about your bestie

Basil is a purebred tri color beagle and he’s over 2 years old. He's a very sweet, calm and gentle boy. We met at his breeders house when he was just a little puppy and this was one of the best days of my life.

❤ What makes your pup super pawesome?

His personality and the fact that he’s my first dog. He’s everything I always wanted from a dog.

❤ How does he cheer you up when you’re sad?

He comes to me and gives me a hug. Yes, he gives the best hugs!

❤ What’s the biggest struggle you have conquered together?

We worked on Basil’s recall for a while and I feel like now I can trust him 99% of the time.

❤ Does he love making friends with other people or other dogs?

Basil is a bit shy with people and doesn’t trust strangers but he loves other dogs, especially the ones that like to be chased!

❤ What’s the naughtiest thing he has ever done?

He spotted a herd of sheep at the top of the cliffs and chased them for a good 10 minutes, before he decided to come back. It was on our first holiday together in a totally new location and I thought I lost him forever.

❤ Does your bestie have a silly habit?

Yes, he prefers to drink his water outside even though he has another bowl of water in the kitchen.

❤ What’s the best thing about having dogs as best friends?

For me it’s the fact that you can always be yourself around them and they’ll never judge you. You can tell them anything and even if they can’t answer, you can feel their love and friendship.

❤ Can you share some tips on being the best dog mom?

My tips would be; always be patient with your dog, be calm around them and respect them. Don’t expect too much from them. Give them a lot of cuddles and always have treats in your pocket.

❤ What does having FriendshipCollar mean to you and your bestie?

We love our FriendshipCollar. It’s absolutely beautiful and it means that even when we are apart, we are always connected.

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