Turtle-y Awesome Best Friends❤️

A turtle and a dog? Can these two beautiful pets be together and get along? Read our latest blog to know more of their stories and fun adventures!

Selina, Sid and Zeus

I've always wanted a tortoise and it took me many years to convince my husband to get Sid but now he's here I literally will look at him and cry. Sid is the cutest teeny tiny love of my life.

This little bestie is Sid!

Sid has been in our lives for 1 year and he genuinely melts my heart! Zeus and Sid are great friends and Zeus really doesn't mind Sid at all! He can smell him but completely loves his lil bro! Sid loves Zeus too and they just don't mind each other at all!

Zeus is really showing off his new FriendshipCollar!

Zeus is the best dog in the entire world. He is blind but just so so cheeky and the best kind of medicine for humans. He's been by my side for 6 years and never fails to make my heart melt. Having him in my life has changed my world. He's super cheeky and always stops every 2 seconds on a walk for a cheeky biscuit!

Zeus and Sid make me smile everyday with their cute behavior. Zeus has a toy in his mouth for the first 5 mins of anyone arriving into our home and paces around them! As for Sid, he always has his first bit of food from my hands each day!

Sid & Zeus are the coolest companions!

These two are naughty too! Zeus likes to nibble at other dogs' legs!! He hates other dogs near him so will nibble at their legs so they go away! While Sid on the other hand has no shame and poops wherever he likes - inside or outside the cage!

They are scared of certain things and sounds. Zeus really doesn't like loud sounds especially as he is blind now. Aeroplanes and birds in the sky he used to HATE with a passion! For Sid, anything that moves very quickly towards him scares him. Natural instincts means he will hide his head in his shell!


My tips for being the best Pet parent are to Shower them with love. Spoil them, allow them to be naughty and cheeky. Feed them with the best according to what you can afford. Groom them, encourage them, and exercise daily. Lastly, always reward good behavior.

I think FriendshipCollars are simply stunning. I love the concept of feeling connected to my fur baby even when I'm away from him! The fact that your proceeds go to shelter animals too is so humbling! Zeus looks gorgeous with a splash of colour on him and having Sid on him is even better hehe! I can't live without my 2 bundles of joy! ❤️ - Selina

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Ralph is a turtley awesome pup and he’s the ultimate companion. If we’re going on an adventure on the kayak, he’s at the front of that boat like he’s the captain. If we’re having a lazy day in, he’s right there by your side napping the day away. Ralph is also a very curious pup. He loves when I take him into work with me because he gets to see lots of different rescue animals.

Besties Ralph & Sam in the new Turtle-y Awesome FriendshipCollar

Henry is a green sea turtle. Henry is a rescued, non-releasable sea turtle and, like Ralph, he’s curious too and often swims to the edge of his lagoon to investigate what’s going on when guests take photos of him.

How cute is Ralph saying hey to Henry!
Turtles are very special to me because I grew up here in Florida and I’ve spent a lot of time in the ocean. Turtles were always one of my favorite animals and getting to work with rescued turtles is such a privilege and it was also one of my childhood dreams.

Peek a boo!

TIP: Planning to adopt a dog and turtle together? Yes it is possible! Slowly introduce them to each other. Be sure to be considerate of their behavior together. Train your dog with basic commands like sit, stay, and leave it. Supervision is a must when they are together and never leave them unsupervised.

Love & Friendship x

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