For Besties & Boobies! Part II

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to say a huge thank you to all those besties who purchased our Pawsitively Pink design! 10% of all proceeds are donated to help and support women affected by breast cancer. 

We asked all of those besties who bought our pink glitter design for some feedback and we were overwhelmed by all the heartfelt responses we received! 💖

Throughout October, we will continue to share some of these touching and inspirational comments*  – to raise awareness about such an important cause and hopefully give all of those affected by breast cancer a little extra strength, courage & pawsitivity! 

Why did you choose this design?

“Breast cancer runs in my family and I love things that glitter!”

“We needed the pink glitter because it’s adorable. I also loved the fact that it supports cancer. Cancer hits extremely close to home, as I am a cancer survivor myself. There’s a lot of meaning built into this collar for me, and it looks super fabulous on both of us!”

“The beautiful color and sparkly design caught my eye but when I saw that some of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer support, I knew it was the right choice! My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and I’m so thankful for that. I love these FriendshipCollars as they are a constant reminder of not only my friendship with my dog, but also my grandmother’s battle with cancer.”

What does your Pawsitively Pink FriendshipCollar mean to you?

“It allows both me and my puppy to shine in our own ways. I love that there’s something that allows us to be linked other than our bond. It showcases that we truly are best friends.”

“It helps me to honor the ones who have breast cancer and spread awareness.”

“Love, strength, and hope. Not only does it symbolize the relationship between me and my cat, but it supports a cause I have witnessed firsthand. And I feel it’s worth noting how much my cat was there for me while I went through treatment. It makes a perfectly meaningful combination with the matching set.”

“I love that I get a beautiful collar for my puppy and money is donated from my purchase to help women.”

How does your bestie help you when you’re having a tough time?

“She snuggles me or makes me laugh by rolling around and pawing me. Just seeing her wagging her tail makes me smile.”

“She is almost always in my lap. Her purrs heal. She calms my anxiety and lightens my mood when the world seems dark. She knows me, so she senses when something’s wrong. I’m pretty sure she knew I had cancer before I did. She became extra clingy and protective.”

“She knows just when I need some love by curling up in my lap and laying her head on me.”

“She will jump onto my chest and lick away any tears. She will sit with me until I get up or feel better. She never leaves my side if I’m feeling down.”

How does your bestie help you through a tough time? We want to know! 

Haven’t got your paws on our Pawsitively Pink design yet? Grab yours today to add a little sparkle to your life and help women now! 🎗️