Smashing Stereotypes

You know what really makes us sad? All the amazing, loving, intelligent besties out there that are unfairly typecast into roles that just plain don’t always apply! We’re taking the time this week to stamp out puppy prejudices and crush cat clichés 👊

All Poodles Are Prissy”

Poodles tend to all get lumped into the “girlie dog/princess/fussy French fashionista” 👑 group,  and I mean they do look pretty awesome in a tiara! But did you know they are actually descended from a water dog and have the characteristics of a hunter, herder, and pro-agility player? In fact, these pooches are just as likely to be found in their natural state, getting down and dirty with joyful abandon as they do found wandering the runways!

Frankly Write


“All Pitbulls are Aggressive”


This unfair stereotype is really one of the worst. Pits get this bad reputation precisely because they are so easy to train and eager to please, that the bad humans who had them exploited that incredible characteristic. Did you know pitties were originally considered the American Family Dog and were trusted babysitters of the household? Pits have such a high capacity for love 💕 and learning – let’s not blame a breed for some bad, bad, humans. Pit Bulls we have your back! Anyone have a Pitbull? Tell us the sweetest thing that they do!


“All Cats are Loners”

Cats – and cat people – have universally been labelled as loners, introverts, and aloof. But why is that? Is it because someone got a little hurt by a cat’s independent nature way back when? Cats are super intelligent and can be some of the most loving 😻 and affectionate besties there are! Haven’t you ever heard a kitty meow excitedly when you come home, or want to play with its stuffed mice? We sure have! Many cats have dog-like qualities, they are affectionate, want cuddles and kisses and follow their besties around the house (often tripping them up) as they are so close! We do love a kitty cat! 



“Small Dogs are All Yappy”

“Ankle biters,” “yappers,” “mouthy” – we’ve all heard the unwavering stereotypes piled on our more miniscule pooches. Sure, they bark – but so do the big guys! Tiny puppers are loving, fun, and take pretty quiet 💤 naps. We often hear that people take their besties into stores in their mama’s bag and they were so super cozy and quiet no one knew they were there.. Which actually we feel is super mean, let people pet your pooch! Can you imagine being unknowingly only 2 foot away from a tiny doggy and not being able to pet it?? Mean or what! Tell us the best place you have sneaked your little quiet bestie into! Have any little furballs been to the cinema? The Supermarket? Let us know!

“Bird Brains”

This is a common phrase used to describe someone as dumb – presumably because birds have such small skulls. But nothing could be further from the truth! These proud descendants of dinosaurs 🦖 are actually super intelligent. Remember Alex the African Gray? He learned thousands of words, could communicate with his human handler, and even gave a fond, heartbreaking farewell as his last words.

We think all besties are incredible individuals and want to make sure they are all equally loved and dumb old stereotypes straight ignored! What cliché really bugs 🐜 you?

Love & Friendship x