Ina and Her Besties


Tell us a bit about your besties!

Spira is a 5-year-old Highland pony mare. She is a true copy of myself.. not always a good thing. But she teaches me a lot about my manners. Her real name is Spirit, because she has always been a free spirit. I changed her name (not in paper) to Spira because it was easier to call and say🙊. We are just fooling around in the woods and doing some easy trick training. She is not the type to go fast nor does she like to work for you. She always needs a good argument to go on😂 Hopefully she will enjoy being a driving pony. I think that will suite her more than a riding pony🙊 

Elmer is an 11 -year- old Welsh cob/ shafts Arabian mix.  He is my one and only! Fun fact about him is that I felt attracted to him because of his name. I didn’t come up with it, I just thought it was hilarious and suited him. He has such a goofy character, 😂playful and honest. 

Granheims Blåskjegg is a 7-year-old Dole horse (Norwegian breed). We call him Snowball.⛄️ He is the newest member, and we have owned him for 1.5 years now, but we are still getting to know each other. I haven’t worked with him that much yet because I got a kid.

How did you meet them?

I found Spira in Denmark when I studied there. I was curious about the breed, and visited a breeder. Unlucky for me I fell in love with a yearling 😂 so she came home with me. 

I met Elmer in 2013, I found his sale announcement and decided that he was mine. I was going to buy that horse. I lost my first horse just two days before that and my dog 2 months before, that was why I found a new one that quick.


As for Snowball, we were looking for a horse for my boyfriend. He wanted a big and heavy horse, a white one with lots of hair😂 We compromised, and he got a white dream horse, but just a smaller kind. I knew that I was the one that had to take care of him,  and I have always had a weak spot for dole horses♥️

Have you always loved riding? What age did you start?

I have always loved it! It was actually a friend of mine that made me start riding.

What style of riding do you do with your horses? 

Just for fun. I dropped out from the regular stables and training because I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the methods and how the horses were kept.. I wanted it more loose.  So I escaped and just ran free in the woods. 

What about your horses are you most proud of?

Their honesty.. It has to be Elmer. He has been struggling with his back for so many years, and him learning to trust again is just amazing ♥️ It’s been a long way with him.

What do they do that always make you smile?

Hehe, begging for treats 😂👏🏻 I just find my cookie monsters so adorable.. a bad habit, but I can live with it🙊

What is the naughtiest thing they have done?

Elmer, I think it has to be when he bites other horses and he knows they get upset and he just runs away😂 or when he broke out from the big pasture just to walk over to the neighbor and just lay down in the middle of their lawn for sleeping 😂

Spira refused to join us for the hike in the mountains and decided to stop eating and we rode halfway of our hike without her. After some kilometers she finally started to care. She was 2 years old back then, and I knew this pony would give me trouble. 

Snowball hasn’t actually done something naughty yet 😂 He was quite rough with little ponies and knocked those little ones over..but he is way better now😅

Do they have any quirks?

Yes, Spira hates it when someone tells her to do something. She needs a pretty good reason for her to move. And it makes our training pretty hard and exhausting 😂😂 but she is solid like a rock tho.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have conquered together?

I think it has to deal with Elmer and his physical thoughts of life. When his back and body got better, his head didn’t follow, so every time he felt bad if something hurts (like it’s heavy to trot) , he was and still difficult to turn around again and convince him that he can do it.  

Can you share a funny story about your horses?

Hehe I have so many, but one of my favorite is when Spira got stuck in the snow. She was obsessed with rolling in the snow😂 and one time she got stuck and I had to help her out. She stopped trying after just two tries😅 so she laid down and gave up.. I had to help her, pushed her and gave her the little extra help she needed to roll. And she finally managed to climb out of the snow, she made a sassy scream and a little jump in protest 😝

Do you have any big plans for the future for you and your horses?

Nope, I just take it easy ♥️ Maybe try to do some more dressage, learn to drive with Spira.

What is the silliest thing your horses spook at?

I don’t know.. but if I have to say something it has to be the same thing over and over again.. a rock 😂

Tell us how your horses’ day-to-day look like!

It’s different from day to day. After I got a kid, I didn't have that much time for the horses. So one day I can go up and give them carrots with my son. The other day I barely see them.. another day I have a long hike outside in the woods so it’s not a day to day.🤪

Do you compete with your horses? How have they done in the ring so far?

Nope nope nope.. I don’t like it😂

What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It’s the sweetest! I remember when I had a friendship bracelet with my friends♥️ and now I can have it with my furry besties🤩 

What is the best thing about having your horse besties?

Just having them! I love them! They are funny and I wouldn’t live without them. I feel complete when I have them♥️

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