Best friends: Meaghan & Lucy


How did you find each other? How old is Lucy? Tell us a little about her!

I found Lucy when I had my first horse and put him into training! I decided to take some lessons in the meantime and Lucy was my lesson horse. Needless to say I fell head over heels for her and decided to sell my horse and buy her! Lucy was born April 1st, 2004 so she turned 16 this year! Lucy is a very very sweet and gentle mare. She would rather be around people getting loved on than around other horses. She has the best disposition and is a barn favorite to everyone! 

Have you always loved horses & riding? What age did you start!

I have always, ALWAYS loved horses. My entire toy collection when I was young was made up of horses of all sizes. Forget the barbie dolls, I wanted breyers. My mother owned horses when I was younger so just being around them has always been the best feeling. Sadly she sold her last horse when I was around 8. I truly didn’t start riding until after I graduated high school. I decided to get a job and buy and support my own horse. 

Does your horse like meeting new horses & making friends?

Lucy is very particular about her horse friends lol. She likes being around them to an extent but she doesn’t want them getting too close. There is really only one horse she truly likes in our barn and that is her friend Addison. 

Tell us how you decided to start breeding Lucy!

Breeding her had been in the back of my mind for a couple years before I went through with it. When I started hygiene school I knew I was going to have a lot less time on my hands regularly than I had before. I figured this would be a good time to put her baby making skills to the test! 

How about Lucy's babies so far? 💕

Finny is Lucy’s  first born. He has the most personality of any horse I have ever met. My trainer even gave his antics a nickname. They are now known as Finnanigans lol! Ralphie is her second foal. He is two years younger than Finny and he really had the essence of an old soul if you will. He was very easy to do anything with. Harvey is her third colt and he was born this year in March. He is a beautiful colt all around and has a great personality and beautiful movement. He is the most attached to his momma Lucy of the three. 

What is your favourite part of raising foals?

I don’t think I could pick one part. The entire process of Lucy going through her pregnancy and then helping the little one into the world and watching it grow and helping it to experience new things for the first time is so rewarding. It’s an experience like none other. But watching them grow into amazing horses is really a blessing to see and know you helped bring that once idea into a reality. 

Can you share about what kind of mom Lucy is to her foals? 

Lucy is an amazing mother! She loves her foals. I always knew with her demeanor she was going to make a great mother and after Finny was born I was not disappointed! She is a very patient mother with them, but will put them in their place if they get too rambunctious with her. You can just really see how much she loves them and watching her run around with them, kicking up her heels, brings so much joy to my heart. 

Does Lucy have any quirks?

Lucy loves any kind of candy/sweets. She will happily eat it. From candy to pop to doughnuts, she is not picky with her desserts. 

What about your horse are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the way they take in new things. Starting them and introducing them to things young makes doing things when they are older so much easier. They all take learning new things easily and quickly. 

Can you share a funny story about your horse?

When Lucy was pregnant with Ralphie we had an ultrasound done to tell the gender of the foal. Well Ralphie was not being cooperative at all so my vet made her best guess from the information she could get out of it and we leaned towards filly. Well, lo and behold I had a filly gender reveal. When he was first born we called him a her, and then finally we checked just to make sure and there we had a boy instead of a girl!! I’m glad a thought of the name Ralphie a few days before he was born 😂. 

Do you have any big plans for the future for you and your horse?

My plan is to get Finny showing this year! And Harvey next year! I would love to one day make it to the world show with a foal I bred and raised. That is my long term goal right now! 

Have you traveled much with your horse? How does your horse like it?

I haven’t done any long distance traveling with them yet, but in state traveling for a few hours they are all great! Ralphie was sold to an amazing home in Wisconsin and that’s about 1800 miles away. I was told he was amazing during the trip and the shipper really complimented him and wished every weanling acted like him. 

What is the silliest thing your horse spooks at?

Lucy didn’t like a squeaky rubber chicken we bought for Finny to play with as a foal 😂 when we squeaked it she would grunt lol. 

What does your horse's day-to-day look like?

Eating breakfast and then going outside in the pasture all day until dinner! 

What does having matching accessories with your horse mean to you?

That is very sentimental to me. Lucy is my best friend. She has always been there for me when I needed her most so to share something so special with her brings me so much joy. Every time I look at it I think of her and I will cherish that forever.

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