Besties: Sammie and Miss Nelly

🐘How old is your pooch?
Just over 2 years
🐘How did you meet your bestie?
I've had her since she was a puppy, I got her through a friend.
🐘How did you come up with Miss Nelly’s name?
Had to be because of her ears…. Nelly the elephant 🐘
🐘Can you share a funny story about your dog?
As a tiny puppy she loved helping me garden. I planted plants she dug them up and bought them back into the house to me 😂
🐘What are the most common questions you get asked about your dog?
Is she a sausage dog🌭🌭🌭
🐘How does she cheer you up when you’re sad?
She’s the most loving dog I’ve ever had, definitely my best friend. Always there for a cuddle and a lick.
🐘Does she like meeting other people or other dogs?
She loves other dogs and people, though a bit barky to start with you can always win her round with a treat.
🐘What do you love most about her character?
How she thinks she’s massive when the tiniest tot ever! Rottweiler eat your heart out.
🐘What inspired you to create your dog’s social media account?
I wanted it to be a memory bank of our adventures as a family.
🐘Where is your bestie's favorite place to visit?/ Which places does your dog love to visit together? How often do you get to bring her there?
Nelly comes everywhere with us, she comes to work with me, our most favourite place is the beach. She even goes to the pub for a pawsecco.
🐘What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a miniature dachshund?
Dachshunds need your time, they are not a pet that’s happy being left alone. They are not the easiest to train but when you get there your heart will be taken over by them.
🐘What are your top tips for dog parents on helping their dogs live a happy, healthy life?
Feed a good diet, Nelly's raw fed but it’s everyone’s personal choice. Exercise well and monitor your dog's weight. (Dachshunds are known for back issues. Slim healthy dogs can help as much as possible)
🐘What is the most challenging thing about being a fur mom?
I don’t find anything challenging, Nelly's part of our routine and family life.
🐘Complete the sentence. Life with Nelly is…
Complete, I definitely prefer dogs to humans. Give me a house full of four paws any day.

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