The Purrfect Cat Trio


  • Tell us about your besties! Your bestie's age, and breed?
  • Talulah is a 1 year old Blue Lynx Point/Snow Tiger Siamese mix, Jeff is a 7 year old Flamepoint Siamese, and Zoey is a 10 year old Tortoise Shell Calico.

  • Can you give us a little backstory behind how you ended up with your cats? 
  • I got Zoey as a kitten from a family friend, Jeff as well although he ended up running away after bolting out the front door, and I lost him for almost 2 years. After losing hope, I got a phone call from a local rescue saying she found a cat fitting his description, photos, and current age almost 15 miles from my home. I went to see if it was him, and he clung to me instantly after not letting anybody else touch him. I knew it was him. Talulah was thrown out as a kitten because her mom’s original owner could not bring pets to her new home. She was rescued by the same lady who found Jeff, and I adopted her from her.

  • How did you come up with your bestie's name?
  • Gosh, I don’t remember how I came up with Zoey’s name. I was young. Probably like from Zoey 101 or something, lol. I got Jeff’s name from 22 Jump Street, and I got Talulah’s name from the movie called Talulah. I just loved the name so much after seeing the movie!

  • Describe their personality!
  • Zoey is a tortie through and through. The sass queen. She likes to be pet when she wants it. Otherwise leave her alone. Always talking, more like b****ing lol. Jeff is a goofball, totally down to earth, cuddly, and so funny to watch. Talulah can be sassy but is always playing and making us laugh! She’s obsessed with cuddling with her daddy!

  • What do you love most about their character?
  • I love watching them do everything, not in a weird way. They’re so fun and cute and always running around playing and looking for something new to get into!

  • What is the funniest thing they have ever done?
  •  Talulah is hilarious. She rarely lands on her feet regardless of what they say about cats. 

  • What is the naughtiest thing they has ever done?
  • Talulah tends to like to tear things up when she gets bored. The worst one including my OnCloud Tennis shoes. Zoey meows constantly when you don’t give her way. I can’t think of anything just terrible her and Jeff have done. They’re usually pretty good!

  • Is there something your cats are scared of or reacts to?
  • Poor Jeff is scared of his own shadow. He was feral for awhile and is scared of everything now. Talulah and Zoey just don’t like the vacuum, lol. 

  • What are the most common questions you get asked about your cats? 
  • What breed Talulah is, why Jeff has crossed eyes, and how Zoey looks so young and healthy for her age. 

  • What makes your cats super pawesome?
  • Their ability to always make a bad day better, they’re literally my little best friends. 

  • What are some of your favorite things to do with your cats?
  • With Talulah, I love to take her outside for walks on her harness, with Jeff, I love to nap with him and cuddle him because he’s such a big cuddle bug. With Zoey, I like to sit and talk to her (because she always answers) but if not we just exist together, because she doesn’t care to cuddle.

  • How does your cats behave with kids?
  • Talulah hides under the bed, well really they all hide. We don’t have any children yet, and they don’t like the loud and in your face attitude kids have.

  • What excites your cats the most?
  • Treats, and I love seeing how excited they get when I get home from work. They’ll be in the window and their eyes get so big 😊

  • What makes your  cats so lovable?
  • You can always tell how appreciative they are of your love. They always rub against you to thank you!

  • Does your cats have a weird habit?
  • Talulah likes to chew on everything, and she holds the blanket in her mouth while she makes biscuits. Jeff wags his tail constantly sometimes even when he’s asleep. Zoey always has one paw stretched out when she naps and most of the time she digs the claws from that paw into the bed or carpet.

  • How does your cats show their affection?
  • Talulah shows it with nudges, she rubs against you with her head, purrs, shows her belly, Jeff purrs and cuddles, and tried to be in your arms 24/7. He will stand up on the counter and put his hands on your shoulders like he wants a hug. Zoey just purrs and talks to you with sweet little trills and will let you get in the occasional pet. 

  • Has your cats ever run away from your house?
  • Yes, as stated above Jeff ran away for two whole years and was found. Zoey ran away after we moved years ago, and found her way back to our old home. A week later. Talulah has not. 

  • Has your besties always been the pawfect model?
  • Zoey hates pictures and is super un-photogenic. Jeff isn’t much into it either. Talulah was a born model. 

  • How do you take the best pictures of your cats ? Can you share some tips?
  • Treats or toys. Give them some for positive reinforcement. Show it to them and they’ll normally stare at it and then click!

  • Have you always wanted  a cat? 
  •  I’ve always been the crazy cat lady. I’ve had them my whole life. 

  • Do you have tips to keep your home smelling fresh when you have a cat?
  • Well, not really because we clean the litter boxes, and vacuum and clean up daily. But they’re worth it. 

  • What are your top tips for cat pawrents on helping their cats live a happy, healthy life? 
  • Show them lots of love, spay/neuter, make sure to take them to the vet for wellness check ups. 

  • What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
  • None of my cats got along. Jeff was feral and aggressive towards them out of fear. It’s taken months to make them all co-exist. 

  • What is the most challenging thing about being a cat mom? 
  • Thinking about the day that I won’t be. Anticipating losing them is one of my biggest fear. They literally feel like my children.

  • What are your tips on being the best cat mom?
  • Most cats have been through it all in a short period of time, make sure they know they’re loved. Acknowledge them, learn their love language, and let them be who they are. If they don’t like something, don’t make them do it.

  • Do you have any advice for other cat owners or future cat owners? 
  • You will learn as you go, cats are very independent, but make sure they know you’re there when they’re ready. 

  • What is the best thing about having  Jeff ,Talulah and Zoey?
  •  They give me something to look forward to. I always know they’re gonna be there when I get home ready to love me. 

    Get the look!

    Jeff is wearing the Mr. Purrfect  Friendshipcollar

    Talulah is wearing the Miss Purrfect  Friendshipcollar

    Zoey is wearing the Mermaid Tails Cat Collar