Betty & Jack


Tell us how you found each other! How old is Jack?

I was looking for a puppy on many websites and waiting for the best one. Once the breeder of Jack sent me his pictures and video, I definitely knew he was the right one. He is 1 year old now.

 What is his personality like?

Jack is very friendly, playful, energetic and loving.

♥ Does he have a funny habit?

When I come back from work, he waits behind the door and he does “butt dance”. I love the way he jumps and shakes his butt to welcome me home! 🍑

 What do you love most about his character?

I love his devotion to me. I literally can see in his face, he would do anything & everything for me.

 What is the most annoying thing he does?

He farts and runs away! And the smell is really really bad 🥴

 Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your bestie?

I love when we train together and learn new tricks. The first time he does it well is the best.

 Why did you decide on getting a boston terrier?

Me and my boyfriend were choosing between a frenchie and boston. And we decided for boston because it is a more active breed and doesn't have so many breathing problems. I am an active person who loves running, hiking, and I would like to try agility with Jack as well. I am happy with this decision and would never change that!

 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It shows that we belong to each other and are simply friends forever. One team.

 What is the most challenging thing about being a fur mom?

Spend enough time with your bestie because sometimes it is not so easy. And also being there for him all the time. I can see that every time he has some issue he comes to me not to my partner and this is so powerful.. To know that he simply believes in you with all his heart.

 What are your top tips on being the best dog mom?

Try to do the best all the time, show your dog that he can rely on you all the time and if there is some problem e.g. in training try it differently and find a new way how to do it.

 And the best thing about having Jack is....

You have a partner in crime 😊 somebody who comes when you feel bad or happy and he always tries to do his best. You have a little four-legged kid. I love him to the moon and back 🌠

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Betty & Jack are wearing: The Pina Collarda FriendshipCollar