Pandora & Inka


🤍 Tell us a bit about Inka! How did you meet?

Inka is a black and white 3 and a half year old Dalmatian. She is unique as she has a Mickey mouse marking on her right hip. Also she is very lucky to be alive as she was run over as a one year old resulting in fractured ribs, collapsed lungs, fractured pelvis, fractured sacrum, dislocated right hip and severe nerve damage. She has had 3 operations to save her life and fix all her breaks. She is now full of metal work and has no right hip joint. I got her from her lovely breeder near Peterborough and I knew right from the beginning that I wanted the puppy with the pink collar! When she was only 2 weeks old I asked the breeder if she could reserve her as I loved the fact she was so spotty. When it came to visiting the puppies she came straight up to me and sat on my lap - it was love at first sight! ❤️

🤍 Describe her personality!

Inka is a very affectionate, smiley, happy girl and loves lots of cuddles. She is a princess and diva and definitely knows what she likes in life! 👸🏻 She loves to be the center of attention. She loves lying in the sun and will let you know when her bed has moved into the shade and will ask you to move it. When it’s cold she will bark at her bed to tell you that she wants tucking in under her blanket. Also in the evening she likes to watch dog programs in front of the TV and always goes to bed cuddling her favorite toy hippo, the toy she had since she was a puppy.

🤍 What is the naughtiest thing she has done?

This would be when she dug a hole in the horsebox in the living area. She was having a phantom pregnancy when she was younger and had lost the plot and was trying to make a nest! The cost of the repairs had to come out of her dog money for her biscuits!

🤍 Does she get to go everywhere with you?

Yes she loves visiting her friends’ houses for a catch up, she is my lucky mascot when I go to competitions with the horses on the horsebox.  Sometimes she comes to work with me and also enjoys going to the park.

🤍 What is your favorite bonding activity? 

This would be exploring new walks and enjoying the beautiful countryside. Also we both love going for walks on the beach as a treat as we don’t live near a beach.

🤍 What was the biggest challenge you have had with your bestie?

The biggest challenges were when she got run over and nearly died; having to wait for the phone calls after she had her operations to find out if she made it through the operations. The first operation after she got run over was the hardest as she had internal bleeding and she wasn’t in a stable state before the operation. They had to put pumps on her chest to pump all the fluid of her lungs. Also after her operations teaching her to walk again was a huge challenge. She couldn’t stand without three people helping her by holding her in a sling around her waist. We had to get her up to move her every couple hours onto her other side so she wasn’t lying on one side for too long. So it was a long road to recovery with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to build up her muscle in her back legs.

🤍 Has she always loved modelling? How do you get her to pose for that pawfect pic?      

Inka loves the camera and having everyone admiring her and she will do anything for food. 😉

🤍 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It means a lot as we have such a strong bond after everything she has been through and she deserves to look pretty and stylish with a beautiful collar. She is definitely a mummy’s girl and is my little shadow and we feel connected with our ‘twinset’ collars!

🤍 How does she cheer you up when you’re sad?

Inka cheers me up because she is always happy and so loves life, and the bonus is she gives the best cuddles. She will sit on your lap and give you a cuddle. She doesn’t quite understand that she is not quite lap dog size and is heavier than she thinks she is!

🤍 Can you share some things one should know before getting a dalmatian?

Dalmatians love their food and I would describe them as a Labrador in a spotty body. Dalmatians should be socialized to make them a well-adapted dog. They are a friendly breed and form a strong loyal bond with their family.

🤍 What are your top tips on being the best dog mom?

To be understanding and make sure you make time for your dog with training and care. The more you put into your dog the stronger and more rewarding the bond and more you will get back from your dog. 🥰

🤍 How do you keep her well-exercised?

She loves going for walks and goes on a walk at least once a day. She likes to help and wander around the yard. She will watch everything that goes on the yard and guards the horses from any intruders! She also goes to hydrotherapy where she does swimming and water treadmill which keeps her fit and is good for rehabilitation.

🤍 How has your life changed when you met Inka? 

My life has changed since meeting Inka. She is my best friend and has always got my back. She has taught me to be grateful for life and appreciate the little things in life. She also has taught me to be strong due to all the hard things she has been through in her life and to never give up.

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