Akyra & Blue


🤍 How did you find each other? How old is Blue?

Blue was born on 13th of  March 2018. He is a child of my mother’s cat, Kita. I thought he looked super cute with his white paws and tabby colour so I decided to keep this one and go on adventures with him when he was 4/5 weeks.

🤍 Did he instantly like your outdoor adventures?

I thought if I started early with this he would follow me easier when he gets older. I can’t tell if he enjoyed the walks, he just walked with us and not bothered at all.

🤍 How can you tell if Blue wants to go outside or he’d rather stay indoors?

Blue loves to go outdoors. We don’t take him on adventures as much as we did in the beginning because life got me very busy. Blue goes on his own adventures now in our city. He hates being at home, because his mother (Kita) and Blue are not getting along unfortunately.

🤍 What are your tips when taking your cat on outdoor adventures?

If you're gonna take your cat on adventures, make sure to do this when he is in his kitten years so he gets used to it. Get a cat leash and go to quiet/peaceful places. Make sure to have an ID tag and a bell so if you don’t see or lose your cat, you can always find/hear him back.

🤍 Where is your favorite place to go together?

My favourite place that i liked to go with Blue was in Huijbergen De heidi. It’s a place in the Netherlands where nature is just stunning!

🤍 Does he have any quirk or funny habit?

Blue loves to drink water from the tap and he makes funny grumpy noises when he drinks.

🤍 What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

I’m just a little bit sad with the fact that Blue and I don’t get along well anymore. Our bond has faded away. He didn't like me as much when he was a little kitten. The FriendshipCollar would give me a feeling that Blue and I are still connected, but I don’t know if our friendship will restore as it used to be.

🤍 What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

The naughtiest thing he has ever done was pooping and urinating in our luggage with NEW CLOTHES. We were sooo mad at him. But when we punished him he pooped again. We were so angry but felt so sad for punishing him for what he did, because after that he got very scared of us. I think that moment left a scar and trauma for him.

🤍 How does he cheer you up when you’re sad?

Whenever I’m sad most of my cats don’t care.

🤍 Do you have tips to keep your home smelling fresh when you have a cat?

Make sure to clean your litter box often! Because cats are clean! They don’t smell, only the litter boxes!

🤍 What are your top tips for cat pawrents on helping their cats live a happy, healthy life?

If you have cats, give them attention when they WANT attention! Give them good head/back or belly rubs! Let them sleep in peace, and give them good quality, healthy, and delicious food! Make sure to have a water fountain because cats love running water!

🤍 And the best thing about having Blue is….

He cannot be tamed. He is wild, young, and free!

Get the look!

Akyra & Blue are wearing: The Mucky Pup FriendshipCollar