Ginny and Chunk


♥ How did you get your bestie?

We got Chunk at 8 weeks old from our breeder in Southern California. He was the most perfect nugget from the start. He instantly came up to me when we arrived. Like he already knew he was ours! Chunk turned 2 on May 13th!

What do you love most about his character?

Chunk is super funny, derpy, has big ‘ol crazy eyes when he eats, and is such a Mama’s boy. He is my best friend. He has the best personality. 

Do you love going outdoors? Where is your favorite place to go together?

We love adventuring outdoors. Chunk loves to hike and see the sights in Las Vegas. Our favorite place to hike is Red Rock Canyon. We also go to a lot of local dog parks. Grass is a rare commodity in Vegas so his favorite dog parks are ones that feature grass! Lastly, we like to go to Lake Mead. Chunk loves the water!

 Can you share a funny story about Chunk?

When we took Chunk to the lake for the first time, he was unsure about the water. We threw a stick he found into the water. He immediately went after it, swam out, got it, and realized his short stumps couldn’t reach the ground. His eyes got wide and started swimming frantically back to shore! His face was hilarious! lol. Luckily he didn’t let his short stumps stop him. He immediately started doing zoomies in the shoreline :)

 How does he make you feel better when you’re sad?

Chunk is a Mama’s boy through and through. He can tell when I’m feeling down or sick. He’s always at my feet, curled up on the couch with me, and he LOVES to give kisses. He knows just how to make you feel loved.

 Can you tell us more about how Chunk became a therapy dog? 

We started Chunk in obedience classes from the age of 4 months old. We realized through this that he is such a love bug that heals your heart with his old soul, puppy dog eyes, and the million kisses he loves to give. We continued classes from beginning to advanced. Then he took his AKC Good Canine Citizen test with flying colors, so we started him in therapy classes right after that. He passed his final therapy test on the first try! He became the youngest therapy dog, on his first birthday, with our therapy agency! Ultimate good boy!

 How can you tell if your dog is a good candidate for therapy work?

A therapy dog must be friendly, even-tempered, consistent, gentle, confident, comfortable meeting new people, and reliable in unusual environments. Non- barkers are important as well. Above all, they must love people and truly enjoy being around them while being hugged, kissed and petted.

 How do you get a dog to be certified as a therapy dog? What are the basic requirements?

They must pass all AKC classes from beginning to advanced. Then they must pass AKC Good Canine Citizen training and the final exam. Once they do that, they move into extensive therapy work classes and must pass that final test as well. You then register with a local therapy dog agency, they insure the dog, you get an official badge and can start therapy work. You must retake a test every two years to requalify.

 Who benefits from Chunk being a therapy dog? 

Chunk took additional AKC trick courses so he could do fun tricks for children at children’s hospitals, he sits with children in the library on reading days, he has gone to VA hospitals, retirement homes, hospitals and just about anywhere that therapy dogs are accepted. Our most proud assignment was serving at the survivors concert/event reunion at the Hard Rock Hotel for the 1 October Mass Shooting survivors. He did such a great job making these warriors feel so loved on such a hard day. 

 How is Chunk adjusting to the quarantine situation?

He’s doing a great job! He’s getting lots of cuddles, we keep him busy with mind puzzles and his favorite long lasting treats. He loves balls so we play fetch everyday. He especially loves sunbathing on our back patio and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine!

 How do you keep him well-exercised when he can’t go out as much?

We take Chunk for a daily two mile walk. It’s important that Chunk maintains his exercise routine even though we are quarantined. As it’s warming up in Las Vegas, we are sure to go out early in the morning to protect his paw pads from the scorching pavement. Safety first!

 What is the biggest challenge you have had with Chunk so far?

Corgis are prone to being overweight. Our biggest challenge has been keeping his weight in check with a healthy, well-balanced diet, healthy low calorie snacks, and lots of exercise. People underestimate corgis and their short legs. These little guys can hike for long periods and will surprise you on the trail. It’s also equally important not to give into their cute eyes and bottomless stomachs. They need to maintain their svelte physique.

 Can you share some tips on being the best dog mom?

Patience and LOTS of training. It’s easy to get complacent and lazy being a dog mom. Corgis are herders and need a lot of mind stimulation and exercise. It’s important to maintain consistency in training, always teach them new tricks, overview already learned tricks, and to provide the best life for your fur baby. They may only be in your life 13-15 years, but to them, you are their whole world. Treat them as such! They really are the best dogs!

 If your bestie can talk or ask you a question, what do you think he will say or ask? And what would your reply be? 

“Mahm, how come you leave me for 8 hours everyday? Where do you go?”

“Chunky, Mahm has to go to work everyday to provide the best life for you. I wish I could take you to work with me or be a stay-at-home dog mom! What a dream that would be!”

 And really, the best thing about having Chunk is….

Is having a built in best friend. Chunk is my ride or die. He’d do anything for me and follow me to the end of the earth and back. He’s dedicated, full of endless love, and will always be there to make me feel better at the end of a long, tiring day. How lucky am I??

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Ginny and Chunk are wearing: The Classic Pup: Seafoam Blue FriendshipCollar