Wiebke & Mira


🀍 How did you and Mira find each other?

Mira lived with a family for the first six months, but they couldn't cope with her. I was looking for a dog, and so I took her with me. Unfortunately, I found that the family treated her very badly.

🀍 Tell us about Mira's personality!

Mira is highly reactive. You feel that there is still her bad past in her mind. But she has a lot of humor also and is motivated all the time.

🀍 What is his favorite trick?

Mira loves to learn new tricks. I think her favorite is closing the door.

🀍 Have you traveled with Mira? What was it like?

I traveled with Mira but only in Germany. I would love to visit some other countries with her cause she is a great travel buddy.

🀍 What is her most annoying trait?

Her most annoying trait is being very reactive and getting upset quickly.

🀍 How do you get Mira to pose for the pawfect pic?

Mira is a professional model. She gets the best treats for it and loves to work with me!

🀍 Have you ever been away from Mira for a period of time? Tell us about it!

I had to leave Mira at a friend’s home for a week and a half one year ago. We had a family emergency. It was very difficult not to have her with me, but it was definitely better for her.

🀍 Does Mira love attending training classes?

We do not often take part in training classes. Most of the time we enjoy our free time in nature.

🀍 Can you share some dog training tips?

My best training tip is to love the dog, to respect it, and to give it safety. To have patience and to put yourself in the dog's mind.

🀍 How has life been since Mira came into your life?

It was very hard at the beginning. Mira was traumatized and it took a while for her to trust me and for us to grow together. In the beginning, I often asked myself whether it was the right decision to take her with me because she is my first dog. Now, I wouldn't give her up for anything in the world!