Charline & M-Raud

Our Latest Pet Crush: Charline & M-raud

How old is your kitty cat? 

M-raud is 5 years old.

When did you get M-raud? What has life been like having a cat?

It has changed my life! I could not have a dog because my parents did not want one, so instead I went to the "SPA" (An Assosiation that collects animals that do not have a family) and I loved her face instantly and knew she was the one! She was 2 years old when I got her.

Your kitty is super photogenic! Does she like being photographed?

I do not know if she likes to be photographed but she does not seem to mind it at all. I often give her little treats during a shoot! I think her green eyes make much of its charm!

What is her favorite thing to do? 

M-raud is a real fur ball who loves hugs, she's so cute! She is now a true member of out family and I can't imagine life without her!

Where does she sleep?

M-raud sleeps with me every night, I think her purring soothes me and makes me have a really good nights sleep.

What is the cutest thing she does?

M-raud sleeps in my bed,and she loves snuggling under my neck, it's very cute and it keeps me warm in the winter!

What is your social media fame and why did you begin your social media feeds? 

I started social networks to show people the great friendship between  M-raud and I and for socializing with people worldwide who are also great animal lovers! Also I discovered my passion for photography thanks to M-raud especially because I had to post pictures of her! M-raud has a facebook page and her  account is called Yummypets!

What is her favorite thing to do?

I think what she loves most is to eat! She is really greedy. I think she may have run out of food in her past life when she wasn't living with us as she eats absolutely everything and spends most of her day looking for more food. She will eat tomatoes, rice, meat, cheese.. anything! Nothing can stop her!

Do you love all animals?

I'm a big fan of animals since childhood! I know how I caught the "virus" because my parents do not love them a lot. I wait for 7 years since I have a dog but I should wait a while I think. Animals have something different from the human that I appreciate enormously. They are grateful, I see well with M-raud!

Does M raud like other cats and dogs too?

I think she does like other cats but she prefers people! She is very intelligent and knows how to do a fewtricks like "sit", "come" "jumps" It's very funny people who come to me are often surprised to see that.

What is the best thing about having M raud as a best friend?

The best thing about M-raud is that she never bites anyone nor does she dislike anyone! She shows exceptional kindess to everyone who shows her attention.She is very peaceful. We call her a purring machine.

Finish this sentence.. my cat is my best friend because... She accepts me as I am and I share every dayymoments with her, our friendship is precious to me!