Natalie & Mr. Magoo

Best friends: Natalie & Mr Magoo

How did you come up with the name Mr Magoo?- Is there a story behind this?

Well, when I first met him he really did look like a little Magoo. He was so small and cute Magoo just stuck! I tend to call him Magooby, or Goo.

Can you tell us the story on how you first met Mr. Magoo? 

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and Magoo was brought into my work at 8 weeks of age and only weighing 14oz. He was found living under a deck with this mom and litter mates.

Most of his pictures shows his tongue out, is that his signature trick? Yes! His tongue is out 24/7!

Where is the best place that he hangs out in the house? Where ever I am he is always right behind me or on me purring away. We really are best friends.

Other than Mr. Magoo do you have other pets? How's their relationship with each other? I sure do! I have 2 Pomeranians, 1 Pit Bull, and 1 other cat named Molly. I'm so happy that they are all really good friends and get along great!

Is he always been friendly with dogs?

What's a typical day like for your best furry friend? Magoo seriously LOVES everyone and everything, he is just so happy. When we are at work Magoo and Molly are kept in the cat room with tons of toys and things to do. As soon as we come home they are out and about with us :).

What is your favorite activity with Mr. Magoo?

Our favourite activity has to be cuddling! And the odd sneak attack on one of the Pomeranians.

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Mr Magoo is my best friend because... He has brought so much love and joy into my life. When I first rescued Magoo I thought that he needed me, but it turns out I was the one who needed him. He truly is my furry little soul mate.