Chelsea & Daisy

❤ Can you let us know the basics about your horse?

Daisy is a 14 year old QH. She is about 15hh and we do hunter/jumper!

❤ How did you meet your horse?

I actually saw Daisy on Craigslist at a local barn, I took my friend to see her with me the next day. I kept saying "I'm not going to settle on the first horse I want to look around."

I went to see her and when I got there she came right over to the fence and she had PINK streaks put in her hair from kid camp. I'm a huge pink fanatic so that was a sign.. so i had a test ride on her and told the lady I would think on it as I had a few other horses lined up to meet. I ended up just loving her so much I didn't meet any other horses and picked Daisy up that weekend!!

❤ How long have you and your horse been together?

7 awesome years!

❤ Most annoying thing Daisy does?

Hmm.. probably that if I'm eating anything, I have to share! Ha

❤ Does your horse know any tricks?

Daisy knows how to hug, kiss, bow, and smile!

❤ Is there a certain color you like to dress your horse in?


❤ What is the weirdest thing your horse has eaten?

Daisy's favorite treat ever is sour patch kid. ;)

❤ What has been the biggest obstacle that you have conquered together?

Teaching Daisy that not every ride is a race and gaining her trust to show we can be a team and have a peaceful ride!

❤ What is your favorite trait about your horse?

Her attitude, because she's sweet but sassy :)

❤ What about your horse are you most proud of?

That I have fully earned her trust and she trusts me with whatever she is faced with.

❤ What is the next adventure you want to do with your horse?

More trail riding, it's peaceful and relaxing and we both enjoy it!