Christa, Molson, & Maple


Tell us a little bit about Molson and Maple! How did you meet?

We got them from Goldrox Goldens in Davie Florida and when we picked them up to bring them home they were the perfect fit for our family.

What is it like having two dogs as best friends?

It is incredible. When we brought Maple into Molson's life, we had no idea the impact they were about to make on each other.

How do your besties treat each other?

With so much love and compassion. They really are the best of friends!

Do they like to play with other people or other dogs?

LOVE to! Maple is more interested in playing with other dogs and Molson is more interested in playing with their humans.

Are they happy being with kids?

Yes, very much so. They love to let kids climb all over them and they especially love to snuggle when it's the kids' nap time!

Do they enjoy a bath?


Where do they sleep?

Molson sleeps on the floor and Maple sleeps right on my head.

Where is their favorite place to go?

Woof Gang Bakery! Lots of toys and treats for them to choose from and the staff is amazing.

Do they like going to the vet?

They love people and other dogs so they love the social aspect of it but when the needles come out they are not fans.

Any tip in getting your besties' pawfect pic?

Training them in a "sit" and then a "stay." Once they master those, I hold treats by the camera while making weird noises and just keep snapping until I get the right one. They know if they cooperate they get treats after so they usually stay pretty focused!

Have you been away from your dogs for sometime? Tell us about it!

The longest I've been away from them is 4 days and it was definitely hard but it is so heartwarming to see how excited they get to see you again!

What is your favorite activity during weekends?

Walks in the neighbourhood!

Any fun tricks your dogs love to show?

Maple recently learned how to hug Molson so that's definitely a fan favorite!

What is their favorite game?

They play tag outside and it's hilarious. One will chase the other and once tone catches the other then they will switch.

Can you share some tips when choosing a pet?

First, make sure that you are ready for all a pet entails and going with your gut.

What's the naughtiest thing your dogs have done?

Chew up one of my nice shoes.

What's the strangest thing they have eaten?

Poop! EW!

Have you ever traveled together? Tell us about it!

Not yet but we plan on it soon!

The best thing about having Molson and Maple is...

The happiness that they bring into my life daily. They make me feel safe, they bring me peace and they teach me so much about love. Dogs really are such a blessing and these 2 change my life every single day!