Mayannda & Clover


How did you meet?

I found Clover's litter of 13 in an ad on Kijiji; we went to visit the pups and we selected her because she seemed "curious".

What is it like having a dog as a best friend?

I love that she is willing to go on any adventure with me, and at home, she is usually close by (I call her my velcro dog). She can also sense my moods or if I've been having a bad day, and will snuggle up extra close on those occasions. 

How did you come up with your dog's name?

I originally wanted to call Clover Alice (because of her curiosity). Because she is half Irish Setter we decided we wanted to use an Irish name for her and Clover seemed to fit her best.

Any fun tricks your dogs love to show?

Her fave trick is to Sit Pretty, but when she is being dramatic she will randomly "Play Dead" because that trick gets her the most treats.

What's the naughtiest thing your dog has done?

She ran away from home before her first birthday party! Myself and her dog dad went frantically looking for her through the neighbourhood, and we were so scared she made it to the end of the street (lots of cars and the ocean). We ended up finding her in the next door neighbours water fountain!

What's the strangest thing your dog has eaten?

She cost us a fortune at the vet when she decided to eat some leaves from a toxic plant. Being 50% Golden Retriever, she enjoys tasting everything life has to offer.

What is your dog's favorite game?

She loves to play "go find it"; I hide treats through the house and she sniffs them out.

Has she always been the pawfect model?

Once she realized the value of posing for a photo means getting treats and praise; she's been great for modelling ever since!

Where does your dog sleep?

In a king size bed, between her humans. Luckily she shares some space with us!

Does your dog love to be dressed up

I wouldn't say she loves it but she will tolerate it to make me happy (and to get treats lol). I don't dress her up too often though, just for occasions (Halloween) or a quick photo.

What is your favorite activity to do together?

We do scent detection! She loves doing it, and it helps us connect more.

Does your dog like going to the vet?

She loves stopping in to say hello and get treats, but she definitely does not enjoy needles.

If your dog can talk, what do you think she will say? And what would your reply be?

She would just throw demands at me all day haha and I would happily comply.

What's your dog's telltale sign that you're going on an adventure?

If I tell her "we are going on a walk", her tail starts wagging, ears perk up, and I get a head tilt.

Can you share an amazing experience you had with your dog?

I love the memories when we had to work together to complete a task; it makes me so proud of how far she's come in her training and how connected we are. When we train in scent detection I have to know her cues, and she looks to me for guidance. Another fun activity we do together is canicross; She runs and helps to pull me along, and she has to listen to my direction since she has to run directly in front of me.

Any top tips for being the best fur parent?

Clover was not an easy dog, we had to work with her, take her to training classes, learn her cues and anxieties, and adjust our plans accordingly. Learn to know your dog and how to work with them to give them their best life.

Complete the sentence. The best thing about having Clover is

...the puppy snuggles