Hayley & Remy


♡ Your cat’s name, age, and breed!

 Remy is a two year old Ragdoll cat. He's a Lynx Point Ragdoll, to be specific! Love those stripes on legs.

♡ How did he find his way to you?

I went into a rescue looking for a short-haired girl kitten. I walked out with a longhaired, boy, adult cat! He absolutely chose me and I am so grateful for that. I felt connected to him from the second I picked him up.

♡ Describe his personality!

He is social, loyal, cuddly and sweet...I call him my puppy cat. He is also incredibly vocal! He wants to be near people and interact.

♡ Can you share tips on pet adoption?

My biggest tip would be to keep an open mind! You may think you have a specific preference (like me with my little kitten vision), but sometimes, your future pet has other plans...they might just end up choosing YOU. Let it happen if you feel that connection, the way that I did with Remy! Even if you walk in looking to adopt a small little dog...and walk out falling in love with a big mutt. And my other tip/ask...PLEASE spread the word to #adoptdontshop!

♡ Where does he sleep?

Well, of course, right with me! Typically on my back, at my feet, or tucked under my arm like a Teddy Bear. He is the best.

♡ What’s the naughtiest thing he has done?

Use my bathmat as his litter box!

♡ Is there anything that your cat gets scared of?

WATER! When he hears me start the shower, he will dart. If even a drop of water lands on him, he will be gone in a blink. I had to give him a bath once and...let's just say it was a project.

♡How do you pamper your cat?

Of course, I give him all the cuddles and kisses he could want. I buy him great, healthy food, and I make sure to give extra TLC to his coat, with salmon oil and regular brushing sessions.

♡Can you share an amazing experience you have had with Remy?

I think the most amazing experience I have had with Remy is just the fact that he ended up with me in general. We are 100% meant to be paired together, two peas in a pod. To have that bond with an animal is incredible. I can tell he is happy here, too, which is so wonderful.

♡ What’s the best thing about having Remy?

Looking forward to seeing that furry face and big blue eyes when I get home! I also look forward to going to bed every night, because as soon as he sees me lay in bed, he knows to jump up and cuddle. To have the mutual companionship that we have is amazing, I am so lucky to have him, and I think he feels the same! ❤️