Pitty Loves Rescue - New York

Pitty Love Rescue, Inc. is a pit bull specific rescue organization located in Rochester, NY and serves the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse areas. We are dedicated to the rescue and responsible placement of abandoned, abused, and neglected pit bull and pit bull mix dogs. Our primary focus is the rescue of pit bull type dogs.

With love, care, and humane training, we ensure proper placement by making appropriate matches to the right homes and families while remaining a lifelong resource for those families. Secondary to our primary focus is our community involvement. Whenever possible, PLR will work with under-served families making it possible for them to keep their family pets in the home. This prevents those family pets from entering an already overcrowded shelter system. We accomplish this through information sharing, support, and by providing necessary resources. This would include but is not limited to helping with: routine and emergency veterinary care, spay/neuter services, humane training options, and ongoing support.

PLR is a highly dedicated team of people with a strong focus on making life better for these dogs. We believe humane training, high quality nutrition, stress reducing and healthful exercise, preventative and routine veterinary care, one on one attention, and a close human canine bond combined all make that possible.


Lily is an independent and energetic snuggle bug.  She loves to chewon bones while lounging in the sunshine. Lily also enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, wave jumping, and chasing her foster brother around the yard. After a long day of play, she loves to burrito under the covers and keep her humans' feet warm.

Maddie Moo

Maddie Moo, as she is affectionately called, will always bring a smile to your face!  Some of her favorite activities are romping and running around, playing fetch, and going on walks/having play dates with other dogs.  She may be five years old but she still packs some energy.  She'd make an excellent hiking buddy!  One of her favorite moves is dragging her blanket to wherever you may be to sit down and ask for a kiss and cuddle.  She is wise and loving and would make a great addition to any family!


Quinn is simply the most joyous dog you will ever meet.  She leaps into every new activity with unbridled enthusiasm; and despite her nuggety shape, this girl sure can get her wiggle on!  Her favorite activities include tug, her flirt pole, playing with jolly balls, parkour (not kidding!), car rides, romping in the deep snow, chasing the water hose stream in the warmer months, and snuggling in with a person for belly rubs and neck scratches.  She loves to dig into a great chewy, and especially enjoys working on frozen stuffed bones.  Her foster mom says she's never known a funnier or lovelier dog.  Quinny is a million charms tucked into one spritely girl!


Sampson is a ruggedly handsome hunk of love whose favorite past time is cuddling on the couch.   In his spare time he enjoys going for walks and is willing to learn just about anything for a treat.  Sampson's ideal home would be where he can be showered with affection and have exclusive rights to being king of the castle.


Indie is not only stunning but she's also really smart!  She's a dream to train and loves to practice her skills! She is an expert snuggler and napping connoisseur, she loves snoozing in the sun on a patch of grass, and definitely covets the heat register in the house.  Indie also likes to play fetch, exercise with her flirt pole, and play with her toys.  Last, but certainly not least, she really loves a nice, long walk.  She's an all-around great girl who would really love her own family!


Dinah is a very sweet and happy girl!  She starts each day with pure optimism and her classic full body wiggle. Dinah has some other really unique and cute characteristics. The way she greets you with an adorable, toothy smile, or the way she loves to tap dance for a treat.  Our girl is also a world class snuggler!  She would love nothing more than cuddling on the couch to watch a movie or binge watch some Netflix with you!