What FriendshipCollar Loves: The Spooky Special!

We want -- no, scratch that, we NEED our pets to be as involved in our lives as much as possible. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed to tag along with us everywhere just yet. But we wouldn’t want our besties to miss out on the scariest day of the month… Halloween!

This month, we've been sniffing out all the pup-friendly Halloween festivities in one of the most haunted cities in America -- New Orleans! NOLA is the place to be if you and Fido want to celebrate Halloween the right way: together. After all, nearly half of the dog owners there dress up their pups in costumes!

But don’t worry if you don’t live nearby. We've still got some tricks and treats for you below…

Fur-iendly Events in NOLA

If your pooch isn’t as scared as Scooby Doo, take him with you on an eerie Haunted History tour in the historic French Quarter!

© Haunted History Tours, Facebook

Your leashed pal can tag along while you learn about the capers of Cajun country. At least you’ll have your best fur-iend by your side if you get a little spooked.

If you’re feeling brave, we recommend strolling through the cemeteries and crypts in New Orleans!

©  Wikimedia Photographer MusikAnimal

The city’s cemeteries are so lavish and spooky that they’re called “Cities of the Dead.” You can visit the grave of “The Voodoo Queen” at St. Louis Cemetery #1, which is just minutes away from the French Quarter. The Metairie Cemetery is also dog-friendly; just make sure to keep your best pal on a leash at both locations.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s only one thing left to do: go trick-or-treating! No matter how old you are, trick-or-treating is possibly the most fun Halloween tradition. You get to dress up and eat lots of free candy -- what’s not to love?!

New Orleans is one of the best places to do it with your pup by your side. After all, ruffly 20% of the dog owners in the city take their pups trick-or-treating each year! Just remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so check out our eats and treats below for some goodies that you can share with your bestie.

Eats and Treats in NOLA

Running from the things that go bump in the night is sure to give you and Fido an appetite, so treat your darling dog to a gourmet meal!

Herbsaint serves up fresh French fare with a down-home southern twist. The best part? Your BFF can dine at your feet at the outdoor tables. The staff will even bring him a bowl of water on arrival!

© The Joint, Facebook

Looking for something a little more laidback? Check out The Joint! This eclectic eatery specializes in classic barbecue with hearty sides. Fido will even receive his very own water bowl on the outdoor patio, where you can “accidentally” drop a few treats onto the floor for your BFF! Fido’s probably already drooling just thinking about it!

Fur-iendly Halloween Treats

If you can't head to NOLA to celebrate, spoil your BFF with a tasty Halloween treat! Our Pumpkin Spice Puppucino is sure to keep your pal in the spooky spirit!All you'll need is some canned pumpkin, a banana, some coconut milk and an ice tray! Make sure the canned pumpkin and coconut milk have no added sugar.

Frightening Film Favourites

Want to spend this spooky holiday at home, safe on the sofa? Curl up with your bestie and a classic Halloween film. Here’s a couple of our favorites. Just wait until it’s witching hour to watch! © Walt Disney

Hocus Pocus is the quintessential 90’s Halloween film. Sarah Jessica Parker plays a witch who comes back to life for one night with her sisters and one of the main characters is an immortal, 300-year-old talking black cat named Thackery Binx. Need we say more? 

Got Netflix? If so, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to horror films! Insidious, You're Next, and Hush are just a few of our favorites. Whichever horror you choose to watch, just make sure you don't watch it alone! Cuddle your canine (their fluff is the perfect buffer between you and the TV screen!) and prepare to be scared!

© Warner Bros

Need a film that’s more scaredy-cat friendly? Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost is the perfect choice. In this animated film, this ghoul-fighting gang and their lovable canine companion find themselves embroiled in a centuries-old legend involving real ghosts!

We hope that you have a scarily good Halloween! We would love to see pictures of your pooch enjoying their Puppucino! Love and friendship x