Puppy Dreams Uncovered!

Just thinking about a cute sleeping pupper has us going awwwwww! How many of you take pics of your bestie every time they fall asleep? If they fall asleep on you, do you just accept your fate and don’t move a muscle? (We are pretty much on-demand furniture for our besties and we wouldn’t have it any other way.)

But all these dozing doggies got us thinking – what might our snoozing sweethearts be dreaming of? You see their little paws scamper sometimes, and their noses twitch. So what’s going on in their sleeping brains? We found some of the internet’s cutest sleeping beauties and came up with some ideas of our own.

Does your pup like to hide under furniture forts??

This precious sleeper likes a secure napping spot. Just look how relaxed he is!! With that face and that nap bunker, this pup doesn’t have much room for flailing paws and body twitches so we’re thinking his dreams are a little more serene. Warm sunny days lounging outside (with NO squirrels running by to chase, of course), puppy massages from his bestie, or even a nice, low key chew session on his fave rope.


Does your bestie snuggle with their own furry besties??

Look at these loving friends! Does your own dog or cat have a super close bond with their four-legged siblings? This naptime is a full-on cuddle-palooza and even in sleep these besties want to stay close. In this case, we like to think they’re dreaming of togetherness: playing in the living room together, sharing mealtime, showing off as a trio for guests at the holidays! That sleeping pup and kitten smell has got to be invading their minds  – maybe they’re even sharing the same dream??


We just love this goofball! Does your dog sleep in funny contortionist positions?

What a silly sleeper! This goober is grinning even in his sleep and even with his body at literally all angles. We’re assuming this guy has acrobatic dreams, high-flying, fast-running, and lighthearted. Probably does a cute little wiggly butt dance in his sleep, too.


Awwww a baby bestie with this bestie. Does your pup snuggle with a toy?

Look. At. This. Little. Guy! He needs a soft buddy teddy for naptime and we could just cry he’s so cute! We like to think he dreams of all kinds of love. Do you think in his dreams his plush friend comes to life? Does he have a puppy name for his bear, like Mr. Snuggles? Perhaps in his dreams he and Mr. Snuggles chase around together or have deep, animal conversations.


Who else can only fall asleep if their dog is cuddled close?

This sleeping situation looks pretty much like our nightly routine, tbh – snuggled up with that sweet sleepy puppy smell, a face full of fluff, and the little twitches of Rover’s R.E.M. cycle. (If we’re being honest, our dogs get more room on our beds than we do.) This bestie duo, we like to think, dream about each other! Shared morning breakfasts (toast for the human, some healthy apple slices for the pupper,) long walks full of sniffing and fun road trips with each other…


Is your doggy a couch sleeper??

Some of our pups can’t even make it to their bed and feel that head getting heavy feeling in the mid-afternoon, dozing off to the soft buzz of human background noise. These besties are super secure in their homes and their place, so their dreams are always cozy and they never have a nightmare. If they fall asleep to Animal Planet, they may even dream they are in their favorite show!


This little guy spilled out of his bed! Who has a doggo that winds up in the weirdest ways?

We can’t get enough of precious pups who, despite trying their hardest, wind up spilling out or falling out of bed, or even just plain missing it. There’s something sooo precious about a dog who almost gets it right. This lovable goofball, half in bed, half out, with his fuzzy best friend close, we feel is dreaming of adventure with his friends! Whether it’s a sniff-filled exploration of the neighborhood or an imagined flight of fancy where they’re buddy swashbucklers, you can be sure these dreams are sweet.


Now THIS looks like our doggo!

This girl looks, if we’re being honest, VERY much like our own dogs – all tucked in like a peoples! This girlie has the best life she could ever want, so there’s not much left to dream for – unless its about the sweet things she already has: a loving human, a soft bed, and all the love in the world.

Is your doggy a daydreamer or is your kitty cat a pro cat napper? What do you think your bestie dreams about? We want to hear from you! 

Love & friendship x