Dog Moms Have the Coolest Ink

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a dog mom in possession of the best of besties must be thinking about them all day and all night. (That’s certainly true for us!) Some pet mamas and papas also sport the coolest ink – we’re talking constant reminders of their furry besties in some creative ways! We’ve got your round up here of some of our fave bestie-centric tattoos:

Besties x Infinity

Instgram @mr._big_head_ted

Is your bestie your literal everything? We adore that little paw coupled with an infinity sign – our pups really are our beginning, our middle, and our end furrever!

Pop of Color

Cynthia Sobriety

Is your bestie the color in your world? Do they add rainbows and sunshine to your day? We love this idea of a pup portrait against a popping background to symbolize how much joy radiates from our pets.

Loving Memory

instagram @lo_ridaahh

Your fuzzy besties are ALWAYS in your heart, whether they’re physically beside you or have passed on. We love the idea of keeping them close at hand furrever.

Paw Print Fam

Instagram @erik_appelhans_tattooist

A simple pawprint can hold so much meaning and we love how this bestie family of four is symbolized – one paw print to unite and four personality-filled names around!

When One Paw Just isn’t Enough!

Instagram @besmehbrandes

Paw prints, paved across your heart arm! Your pup is always by your side, always at hand, so we love their prints literally on your arm!

High Paw!

Instagram @ilwolhongdam

What better way to show the world you’re besties than a depiction of you guys literally high fiving (high pawing)? This furry friend clearly brushed up on their tricks and is always on their human’s mind.

Lifesize Love

Instagram @samijodennis

A little piece of your bestie on you at all times – their actual, lifesize and hyper-detailed paw print. Just looking at this during the day can conjure up the feeling of your puppy’s paw on your arm (side note – we just hugged our pup and held their paws looking at this!)

 Puppy Hugs

Instagram @ivanhess

Raise your hand if you love snuggling your bestie more than anything! Yup, all our hands are up, too. We love this tattoo idea because it brings all the warm and fuzzies that go along with giving your doggo a big ol’ hug.

Pretty Princess

Instagram @tattoograin

Is your pupper a pretty princess or a hipster queen? This cute, minimal ink is aw-dor-a-ble! The flower crown and hints of watercolor totally capture the pawsonality of this lovely little lady.

There are some amazing ways to immortalize your friend in tattoo form and these pet moms know what’s up! Is the permanent ink a bit too, well, permanent? Keep your bestie near and day all day long with a matching FriendshipCollar so they’re always in your heart, in your sight, and on your mind – 24/7!

Do you have a bestie themed tattoo? Share it with the FC family!