Rebecca and Blue


The Challenge

Blue came to me on the 8th of October last year, she wasn’t the horse I thought I bought and everything scared her. People were her enemies and she would act out in every way she knew how to ‘keep her safe’, her outbursts soon lead to her being nicknamed ‘the crazy horse’ or just plain ‘evil’. Through many peoples eyes, Blue wasn’t a nice horse, she would bite, kick, rear up and was so unhappy in herself it was practically impossible to look beneath the horse we saw that would try and kill every horse or person in sight.

It is hard not to notice Blue, she’s a stunning gleaming black mare all over apart from one dainty white sock on her back left leg, she has a big head with shining eyes and a strong shoulder and neck to match. She turned heads everywhere she went and is a powerhouse to ride and will jump everything in sight.

Love, Patience, & Hard Work

She was a mare that had been misunderstood her whole life, she wasn’t aggressive or dangerous or any other name that she was often labelled with but actually beyond her hard exterior was a horse longing for some time, patience and stability in a life that has only ever known change. Each two steps forward with her always led to one step back as with each new challenge I faced her with which although may not seem a lot for most people was a big deal for her and blew her mind. Time went past slowly with her as although in that current moment I felt like we were moving at a snail pace but with each unsteady tiny step forward we took in the right direction was progress and as time moved on the baby steps added up into something quite amazing.

People often ask me when they see Blue today ‘what’s the secret’ and ‘how on earth did you make that horse behave’ but the truth is there is no secret to working with Blue, a good friend of mine told me when I first began the journey with Blue ‘you have to love her or else you’ll give up’ and no wiser words have ever been spoken. I saw beyond the horse everyone else saw and had a vision and a goal that I was willing to work for no matter what. It wasn’t a ‘magic training method’ or ‘secret gadget’ but actually the only thing that got us through it was time, patience and the love I had for that horse. I trust Blue with my entire life and love her beyond words . 

My best reward!

She's intelligent, brave and has a heart of gold and makes me so proud everyday. Everyday when we step foot into the arena to learn yet another trick she gives me her all. In just a short 3 months, Blue has already accomplished a whole list of tricks which include bow, lay down, kneel, Spanish walk, catch etc and is a sponge to knowledge and absorbs everything I teach her. I hope to carry on Liberty with Blue, she’s taught me that my abilities are not rated on how many ribbons I earn or how high I can jump but that a good rider is one who can listen to their horse and has the ultimate asset of patience and determination. The friendship and bond I have with her goes beyond anything I could win in an arena and she remains my proudest achievement.

My journey with Blue wasn’t easy or pretty, but completely worth it and I want to say to anyone else in my position to keep going, keep trying and keep giving it your all, because one day, maybe not now, the baby steps will all add up and you will be left with something that no ribbon or rosette will ever compare to.

Be updated on Blue’s adventures! 

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Rebecca and Blue are wearing: His Royal Stallion