Dogs Deserve Denim!

Denim is a wardrobe staple, which never goes out of style! It’s versatile, available in a variety of washes, and comes in many comfortable fits, making it a must-have material! It is so popular, that we all have such a variety of styles of jeans in our wardrobes! From bootcut to flare to skinny to jeggings, even the ever classic jorts…

Jeans are always our “go-to” piece of clothing for weekends, walks in the park… Well, for just about everything! So this got us thinking, why shouldn’t our pups be decked out in denim too? The answer, of course, is: They should be! Every dog deserves a denim staple. Bring out your fur-baby’s inner fashion icon, with our NEW Denim Collection.



A Brief History of Denim

Originating all the way back in 1873, denim jeans, the brainchild of Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis, really came about thanks to the Gold Rush. (They really set a gold standard of fashion trends, huh?) A customer, needing sturdy pants for hard work, was the inspiration for using denim material reinforced with metal rivets at the points where pants tend to rip the most: the pockets and the flies.

Jeans enjoyed a first life as a hearty workman’s pants then went on to become a symbol of youth and rebellion against old ways and standards (thanks to James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause), and then evolved into the fashion mainstay we all know and love today.

James Dean’s jeans – a fashion rebellion!

Jeans became so synonymous with rock ‘n roll, rebellion, and counterculture, that they were actually banned in the ’50s in some schools, theaters, and restaurants. Thankfully, by the time the 60’s rolled around, people adopted a more relaxed fit and attitude, and jeans were welcomed back and elevated to fashion status symbol.

In 1965, Limbo, a NY boutique, unveiled the first pair of “distressed” jeans and embellished them with patches and colored embroidery, kicking off a whole new “hippie chic” trend.

Way cool

Denim in Rock ‘n Roll

Jeans soon became a mainstay of rock ‘n roll. Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand as vehicles for expression, and the rise of jeans cemented that symbiosis further. Medium wash came to represent warm, classic American down home rock, while darker shades and tighter fits lent themselves to the punk era and garage rock. In the early 90’s grunge was all the rage and Nirvana took center stage with lighter wash and distressed jeans.

Jeans make you look good from all angles

Joey Ramone rocked the coolest dark shades

Smells like JEAN spirit!

Denim in the 70’s

In the 70’s, flares were all the rage. Dark denim + wide legs = totally cool. Farrah Fawcett shows us how it’s done. This makes us want to peel off our skinny jeans and emulate this bell bottomed style!

(Skateboard optional)

She was the ultimate fashion icon and everyone who wanted to keep on trend followed suit, including men who totally rocked this look with platforms.

His and hers matching flares – yes please!

And let’s not forget that 70’s style icon of the 90’s – Donna from That 70’s Show!


We’re all all right! Also can we take a moment to appreciate how good babyface Ashton Kutcher looks in these jeans!


Denim in the 80s/90s

Jeans in the 80s really kicked it up a notch with lots of shredding, acid washing, and doubling down on denim, thanks to the popularity of jean jackets.

Salt-n-Pepa were always ready to push it to the fashion limit

A lot of those same trends carried over to the 90’s with an added love for high waists, light wash, and comfort (looser fit v. skintight)

Fashion icon Clarissa Darling (Melissa Joan Hart) was a pro at mixing trends and staying fly


Denim in the early 2000’s

Denim has held a part of our heart for forever. In the 2000’s, denim exploded with low rise, fun flares, and a penchant for rhinestone embellishments. It was the choice of pop stars, high school kids, and just about everyone.

If you are a 90’s/00’s kid then you will certainly remember the timeless Britney and Justin ensemble. We could never forget this famous duo’s relationship, but, most importantly, this infamous duo’s dressing! Britney and JT prove that matching your other half is a necessity! 


True royalty

Denim Today

Denim is favoured by everyone these days. Models off duty, fashion bloggers, celebrities – this fabric crosses all barriers and transcend all tastes. From toddlers to teens to cool as heck grandmas, everyone owns at least one pair of just-right jeans!

Aimee Song, Song of Style




Have mercy! Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) rocking jeans today


Denim on Dogs

Dogs have been wanting to rock this trend for furrever!

Does my butt look good in these?

And now, for the first time, they truly can in a collection made just for them!

Our Denim Collection is available in light, mid and black denim washes. Whatever colorway decks out your doggy, we’re sure they will look stylin’! Shop our NEW Denim Collection here!

Don’t forget to share pictures, videos and unboxing video’s 📸 of you and your bestie in darling denim!