Signs You're THAT Dog Person

If you’re anything like us (and, as part of the FriendshipCollar family, you probably are!) you are unabashedly and unapologetically crazy for cats, cuckoo for canines, and all-around excited about all animals. In fact, you might secretly (or maybe not so secretly) even like animals better than most people! Well, for all our brothers and sisters out there who are loud-and-proud pet obsessives, here are some signs you might just be one of those pet people. (Editor’s Note: We think those pet people are the best!)


1. Your day revolves around dogs. Like, your day is literally made if you see a dog. 😱😱😱

Any kind of dog is the best kind of dog


2. When you try to start a bullet journal, it gets thrown all off course because you just start doodling dogs, listing names for all your future dogs, and writing down the cute things your dog has done. 📒

Now this is a life plan we can get behind!


3. You’re ruined for all other guys because no one is as good as your dog.

Real #RelationshipGoals


4. You’re the elusive third type: not introvert, not extrovert, but dogtrovert.

Every party should be a puppy party


5. You spend more money on your dog’s wardrobe than your own. 💸

No dog is naked in a FriendshipCollar!


6. The proximity of your bestie governs all your choices.

Soooooo cute


7. You low-key believe dogs are smarter than most of your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Legit Einsteins


8. All your role models are dogs.

Lead the way, queen!


9. Budgets suddenly don’t apply when it comes to your bestie. For any reason.

Collars! Leashes! Gold all around!


Does this sound like you? Did you maybe check off 9 out of 9? Us too! Let us know which one really spoke to your dog-loving soul! 🐶