Duke and Sully

0ur latest pet crush: Duke and Sully

Length of friendship:2-3 years

Your social media fame: Instagram @dazeofdukeandsully

How did you come up with the name Duke and Sully? Is there a story behind this?

Just two simple names that stuck! But sully was inspired from one of my favorite movies Monsters Inc.

How old is Duke? How about Sully? Duke is 3 sully is 2

How big are they?

Duke weighs about 160 and sully is a little thicker at 165!

What is life like with such a large breed?

I grew up with Danes, life with a giant breed is very rewarding and always keeps you on your toes. Are their personalities as big as them!? Or are they shy around people? Nope not shy at all, they are very outgoing.

Can you tell us more about their personalities? Are they similar or completely opposite?

They are pretty similar. Gentle giants, sully is a talker always make it known he is in the room. Duke is more calm and laid back.

What is your favorite activity with the both of them? They love to swim and play in the snow and adventure in the mountains. But mostly they're pro cuddlers!

Can you tell us a bit about where they sleep? Do they have enormous doggy beds?

Yep big doggy beds, but my king bed is always preferred.

Duke and Sully looks so adorable in their pictures, where did you get your inspiration for your images?

Just off the top of my head, with things I find laying around the house. They fit in my clothes better than I do! we go for a photo booth style.

When and why did you start an Instagram account for them?

About two years ago it was originally my account and it kind of snowballed and happened out of nowhere.

Do they love posing for your pictures?

They do! They run and sit when I grab the treat jar and my camera.

How did balancing things on their heads come about?

We focus on patience training. Which aids in their self control in many life situations for them.

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Duke and Sully are my best friends because... They love me unconditionally and put a smile on my face every day. Adoption is so rewarding and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Firm believer in adoption and rescue if anyone is thinking of adding a Dane to their life. Adopt don't shop! And always do your research on giant breeds!