Nancy & Maska

Our latest pet crush: Maska & Nancy

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How did Maska get his name?

Maska is a very energetic boy who loves to run and explore in the nature. And the name "Maska" just means energetic and strong.

He looks like the most happy pooch ever! What is a typical day like with him?

He loves his walks and he's happy to meet his friends(dogs, cats and humans) everyday. Exploring in the woods and smell the nature always makes him excited. He also has been enjoying to run and rollerblade with us at evening time after dinner in the days without snow.

Maska! Happy Birthday! You have recently turned 4! Can you tell us about your birthday. Did you eat all the cake? Get many pressies? Did you have fun wearing a silly hat and did are you vocal? Did you join in with the singing?

Thanks for asking. He had a happy birthday. I took him to the woods as soon as I got to home in the afternoon on his birthday. We had played there until his daddy, sister and brother all came home to celebrate his 4th birthday. He had a raw lamb meat cake which we made for him in the weekend. He loved all his presents. But his mommy never remembered to wear a birthday hat for him. He also loves to sing along with piano. So, his sister played birthday song on piano for him because watching him to sing (howl) is so enjoyable.

We would love to hear about his favourite things to do! You mentioned that he is a ball addict! Does he play fetch, or just sit and chew?

Maska is so addicted to the various balls and he loves to play Fetch with us. He chooses when and which ball he needs to chew first. Playing Fetch game during his walk can help me capture lots of happy Maska. Hide and Seek, Tug of war, outdoor exercise, snuggling with us are all his favorite things. Oh, he also loves us to scratch his belly, ears and butt!

Your photos are wonderful! Especially the ones where Maska is mid-air! When did you begin your instagram account and why? Aww, thanks! We started our Instagram account two years ago.

Maska is super photogenic does he love being photographed in new outfits?

I would like to say yes as long as the outfits won't take too long to put on him. He  likes to give them sniffs Before wearing them. He usually co-ops with me when I need to take pictures because he knows he will be rewarded with yummy treats after shooting pictures. Smart, right?

Does Maska prefer to the sun or the snow? 

The snow is the power makes him happier in the winter. He loves sunny day too, even in the summer. I guess nothing will stop him from going outside.

What is the silliest thing he has ever done?

Haha, he brings laughter to us every single day. He always lays his tummy and chin on the ground and faces me with his big butt when he would like to go in a different direction. And I always give in when he turns his head back to me as it's like he has put a spell on me! He gets what he wants!

What is life like with him?

Maska is our very first furry family member, who came to us as a Christmas Present in 2011 , for my daughter, an animal lover. Since the first day we had Maska as our third child, our life has been changed in so many good ways. We never stop learning from him. We have to say Maska's unconditional love leads our family to a healthier and happier life. Because of Maska, we always excise a lot. We now love watching and reading more about other animals and it has opened our eyes and hearts as it has made us see that there are so many animals who deserve love and a family, but who are still waiting in the shelters. Maska makes us want to participate more with charities and we do as much as we can to help other furry friends!

Does he get on with other pooches?

Yes. He loves all kinds of pooches, no matter small or big, quiet or loud. But he never realizes how big and strong he is.

What is it like having a husky as a best friend?

He makes us feels so comfortable and happy when we are able to take him with us to wherever we go. He always reminds us to exercise no matter it is raining or sunny. He loves to snuggle with us with his four legs up in the air! He really listens to us intently with his beautiful eyes staring at us. We know life is better with him, as our true best friend.

Maska is my best friend because... he brings sunshine to us everyday. And he always believes in us when we don't believe in ourselves and he always loves us when we forget to love ourselves.