Liz, Tucker, & Augie ( The Icenhauer Brothers)

Our latest pet crush: Liz, Tucker & Augie

Social Media fame: @theicenhauerbrothers (Instagram)

Can you tell us about the Icenhauer brothers! What is life like with your two boys!

Tucker and Augie are the best of friends.  They couldn’t be more different personality wise though.  Tucker is mellow, independent, and stubborn.  Augie constantly wants to please me, follows me everywhere, can be bossy, and doesn’t mind being right in your face.  One thing they do have in common is their sweetness.  There is never a dull moment in our house!

You won the Snuggle Contest! Congratulations! Your picture was so fantastic. Do your 2 pooches always cuddle on the couch together and use each other as a pillow?

Thank you!  When Augie was brought home, Tucker’s personal space instantly disappeared.  Not only does Augie like to cuddle, but he prefers to sleep on top of Tucker (poor Tuck).  Augie is the instigator of the cuddling, but Tucker loves his brother so he puts up with it.  Now that the days have been hotter, they tend to sleep a little farther apart on the couch, but that doesn’t stop the occasional cuddle session.

Have they won anything else before?

We have won a few other contests hosted on Instagram and we are always so grateful for everyone’s generosity.  The company Harry Barker sent us about 30 of their tennis balls (which are Augies favorite toy) and it must have been the best day ever!  Aug tried to hoard every single ball from Tucker, unsuccessfully. His little brain must have been going bonkers.

What is their favourite past time?

Augie LOVES to play fetch.  If you stayed out there with him he would retrieve for hours, even if he was completely exhausted.  Meanwhile, Tuck likes to interfere with our games of fetch.  He loves to sneak up on Augie, steal the ball quickly, run away, and not give it back.  But if Tucker is around any body of water, you will not find a happier dog.  He is a born swimmer.

Do they do any cool tricks?

One time Tucker let me put a biscuit on his head for a couple seconds.  We were all so proud.How old are they?Tucker is 2 and Augie is 1

Do they have any silly traits?

One of Augies silly traits is that he loves to sleep on his back with his legs straight up in the air.  Tucker will fall asleep with the tennis ball in his mouth just to keep it away from Augie. The funniest thing they do together is both latch on to tennis balls and not let go for minutes.  They’ll just be tugging or sitting with both their mouths wrapped around a ball, completely silent.  It’s the strangest and best thing.


Do they prefer to be on dry land or in the water?

Tucker prefers the water to the land, but he loves to hike as well.  He grew up swimming in a lake, and will start to whine the minute we were are in sight of it.  But Augs doesn’t discriminate.  He loves to fetch, but also loves to lounge in the baby pools we have in our backyard.

Do they always play together? 

They do play together often, but my family has a lot of dogs so every once in a while Tuck is able to enjoy his alone time while Augs hounds the other pups.

Who is louder and bossier?

Augie from the very beginning has been Mr.Bossypants.  He has never been afraid to steal toys away from Tucker, even when he was only 10 weeks old.

What is daily life like for your fur babies?

Daily life includes a lot of cuddling, playing fetch, wrestling, snoozing, romps around our acre backyard with dog cousins, and baby pool lounging.

They look like butter wouldn't melt! But you can share with us...What is the naughtiest thing they have ever done?

I came home from class one day and opened the door to find one of my couch cushions completely busted open with goose feathers EVERYWHERE.  The guys came running up to me with big smiles full of feathers, and they looked so pleased with themselves.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

Do your pooches travel anywhere with you? Where is the funnest place they have been?

I have moved from Texas to Oregon and vice versa a number of times and Tucker has made that trip 4 times now.  Augie has made the trip from Oregon to Texas once, but has made a number of other long roadtrips with me.  The best place we have gone to is Joseph, Oregon where both Augie and Tucker learned how to swim and where we were able to do some hiking as well.

We would love to hear anything else that you would like to share!

These guys are the happiest when they are around people.  If they know someone is on the other side of the door they both let out the honkiest, most pathetic whines imaginable.  They really are the sweetest pups and I am so lucky they are mine!

My dogs are my best friends because…. they love me unconditionally, every day they make me laugh, they are always happy, and they are always right by my side.