Emily & Piper

♡ How did Piper come into your life?

I've always wanted my "own" dog for as long as I can remember. We have always had a family dog, so my parents were reluctant to get another. After years of persuading, they finally agreed to let me start looking for a dog, and that's how I came across Piper! I knew I wanted a small, light coloured & non moulting dog- so she fit the bill!

♡ What is a typical day like for Piper?

Monday to Friday, Piper is at work with me so she is on the go pretty much from 10am - 4pm. She lives a very active lifestyle, but at the same time is very chilled & quite often is content without a walk at the weekends. She goes with the flow, if I'm having a lazy day then she's more than happy to curl up under the duvet!

♡ Piper has so many friends! What adventures do you go on together?

We go all over the place! We tend to stick to country fields & parks just because it means they can run around to their hearts content and not get in anybody's way! When it's really hot they all like to cool of by the stream!

♡ Do you always love outdoor activities?

Most of the time, but not always! It's great in summer, but a light coloured, long haired dog and winter don't mix. Piper pretty much accepts that in winter she's needs to be bathed almost daily. There's some days where you look outside, see the weather & we both wish we could stay in. 90% of the we love it though!

♡ Can you describe Piper's face when you tell her that it's time to go home?

Like I said early, Piper's happy to go with the flow. She's never really protested because I've said it's time to leave, she's good at coming when called (even when she's having the best time!). She would be more bothered if I were to leave her at home on her own, she doesn't like missing out!

♡ We love your Instagram feeds! What is the nicest thing someone has ever commented on Piper's photo?

We get lots of super nice comment, but the one that I always remember is when someone said Piper has inspired them to start their own blog & take photos of their own pooch. Our blog had only been live around a month at that point, so it was really special for us to be able to hear that!

♡ Describe your friendship in 3 words...

Loyal, heart-felt & infinite

♡ Piper's poses are always on point. Does she love being photographed?

She does! She'll do anything for a treat so that really helps. Although having said that, she's learnt what does and doesn't make a good photograph & quite often when we are out on a walk, she will jump up onto something for me to take her photograph. She's learning!

♡ What is the craziest thing you have ever done for your pooch?

Oh gosh! So many. Probably when it was her 1st Birthday, I had a special cake made, ordered party hats, bunting- the whole nine yards. People told me I was a little crazy & OTT but I know Piper had a special day.

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

I love the concept of Friendship Collar, the fact that myself & Piper can symbolize our friendship means so much! It's done in such a subtle way though, that you're not going to get people pointing you out as a crazy dog lady whilst you're walking down the street.

♡ Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Piper is makes me happy when...

...she is by my side! It's a simple as that, as long as she's with me- I'm happy! It's very rare that she's not by my side, we do 99% of things together!