Mikael & Looper

♡ How old is Looper?

Looper is 1,5 years old. He is born on 31/08/15 and we adopted him on 11/11/2015 at « Bouledogue Francais du Vallon de Beaumont ».

♡ What made you start his Facebook?

We wanted to have some memories of him when he was a puppy, and wanted to build a sort of photo album.

♡ What is life like for Looper?

To snore, to eat, to run and to do weird things like to wear glasses, to carry a schoolbag, to do surf… :)

♡ Can you tell us any fun stories?

Looper appeared in a commercial promoting for Hippopotamus (a french restaurant chain). It was very funny to take TGV, to go to the hotel and other things in Paris with Looper !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JodMxqpaN3Y

♡ Please tell us what FriendshipCollar means to you!

For us, FriendshipCollar shows the real link between a pet and his owner. We think that Looper is a real member of our family.

♡ Why is Looper your best friend?

Looper is more than my best friend, he’s always here, when we are happy or sad, to brings happiness in our family.

♡ What does Looper do that makes you happy?

He is always happy, and wants to play, to go out, to hug…