Rebecca & Walter White

♡ How long have you been best friends?

We have been besties since him and his brother came home in November 2014 when they were just 3 months old.

♡ Can you tell us a funny story about Walter?

Walt is extremely accident prone and curious. He loves to bite anything that is long and like string, I once found him tangled up in a bra’s straps so much he couldn’t move!

♡ What made you choose ducks as best friends?

I had ducks a few times growing up and love how easy going and mostly low maintenance they are. Plus they give the best warm snuggles!

♡ What does Walter love the most?

It would be a tie between attention, sleeping on his fluffy bed and frozen peas equally. I think his brother and I close second though.

♡ Hey Walter! You are so adorable :) How are you enjoying your stylish life?

Walt loves his friendship collar because he is obsessed with nibbling shiny things! And being glittery he loves to nibble mine at the same time as wearing his own! He even sits in front of the mirror admiring it lol

♡ Have you always loved ducks? How many ducks do you have! We are excited to hear about this!

Yes! And Geese! I had some when I was little who used to chase my parents away from me lol Sadly I live in the suburbs so it is just Walt and his brother Jesse that we have.

♡ What's your typical day like with Walter?

Mostly pandering to his every whim, if he wants something he just yells til I come to him lol. It mostly involves playing with his brother, hunting bugs, pats, head scratches and food.

♡ Any stories you would like to share?

While Walt’s brother Jesse is beautiful and fun, Walt is very special because about a month after he came home, without warning, he stopped walking. The tendons in both his legs slipped can not be fixed. However, he surprised us by learning to walk a unique shufflly way all by himself. He isn’t in pain and the vet is very happy with him and thinks he’s spoiled! But he has taught us valuable lessons on how a little bit of determination can mean imperfection doesn’t have to be negative.

The coolest thing about having Walter as a best friend is...... His calmness is contagious. It’s hard to be angry or upset when he comes and jumps on your lap, and his loyalty. He’s a one woman man hehe.

Walter is my best friend because... He is sweet and snuggly and fluffy!