Emily & Punkin

My fur-baby is my best friend because... she's always there when I need somebody. No matter what I'm going through or what time of the day it is, she's always there.♡

How old is your pooch?

She is turning 10 this year

What is life like when your dog is your best friend?

Life is wonderful. You always have someone to confide in and never have to worry about them telling anyone your secrets! :wink:

What do you think your dog would say if she could speak!

I think she would tell my family how much she loves us and how thankful she is to have us as her people

What makes you the ultimate besties?

We love to play frisbee outside and cuddle right before bed.

Can you tell us a bit about a typical day for your pooch?

Punkin spends most of her days hanging out with the family, watching animal planet (which is her favorite channel), eating and sleeping, and playing with her little brother Benjamin.

Any fun stories you can share?

When she was just a puppy my dad was cooking steaks and he walked by her with them on a plate and she wrapped her paws around his ankles to try and get him to trip so she could have the steaks.