Gail & Corgi Bear

Corgi Bear is my best friend because… he loves me unconditionally and he’s always so excited to see me when I get home. I have so much love for him and he’s turned me into a crazy dog mom! He makes coming home so much better and he’s truly one of my best friends.

♡ How old is little Corgi Bear?

He’s 3 months old this Thursday!

♡ How did he come into your life? and how has he changed it?

We got him from a breeder in Georgia on January 30 so we’ve been with him for a little over a month now, but it seems like it’s been forever because we waited two months for him. I (Gail) works at home 75% of the time so I get to spend a lot of quality time with Bear, but that doesn’t mean his dad is neglected! As soon as he gets home, it’s all fun and games so I can get more work done. He’s brought some much joy into our lives and he’s a big bundle of fun and love!

♡ What is he like to be around?

Bear has a crazy, fun, loving personality and we take him everywhere with us. We love the dog park (and occasionally jumping in the lake and/or fountains around the area) and playing with other people and their dogs. He loves riding in the car, going on adventures (including PetSmart and the puppy stores), and laying in my lap whenever I sit on the floor (I don’t know how great that’ll be when he’s 35 pounds though). Bear loves everybody that he meets and is the sweetest puppy.

♡ What is the sweetest thing he does or has ever done?

He likes to sleep with us in bed in the mornings and one time he fell asleep on my chest and that’s how we slept the rest of the morning. It was so cute!

♡ How tiny is he? Does he need help getting up on the bed etc…

He’s definitely tiny… but he acts like he’s a big dog! He needs to be carried on the bed and carried off. He can’t jump on the couch yet either, but he can easily go up and down stairs just fine. Corgi Bear has really, really short legs so we end up helping him on all the furniture.

♡ Has he ever done anything super naughty? We want to hear a bit more about his mischievous side!

Oh definitely! He’s a bit of an ankle biter (but it’s the herding instinct in him) and he loves tearing up shoes, socks, and random items that get left on the floor. We quickly learned to leave nothing on the floor!

♡ Do you have any other sweet stories to share?

Oh, we have an endless amount of stories and we’ve only had him for a little over a month! He loves to sleep with all his legs sprawled out (it’s called a sploot) and it’s sooo cute. Another thing we love about him is that when we take him on trails that are off-leash he tries to not get too far from us. He’ll come running as soon as he realizes he’s a bit too far away from Kyle and I.