Eva & Lexi

♡ How old is Lexie?

Lexie is 2 years old now and she is my little girl! I can't imagine life without her.

♡ Have you always had dogs?

Yes, I always had dogs, but Lexie is my first "own" dog. I'm pretty young (20) and me and my family had a German Shepard girl 15 years long before. The German Shepard was our family dog and the first dog in my life. I miss her very much but I'm happy to have Lexie now. Lexie came into my life when I was 18 and it was and it's a great feeling to be responsible for someone.

♡ How did you find her?

A very good friend of mine is a Golden Retriever breeder and so I found Lexie. There is something very special about the story as I was at my friends house during Lexie's birth and watched and filmed the first seconds of Lexie being on this earth. This experience was breathtaking and so heartwarming!

♡ Your pictures blow us away! Can you tell us about Lexie, is she the best model?

Thank you very much for your compliment about our pictures. Yes, Lexie is definitely the best model for me. She is a real poser and I love it to see her in different locations. Being outside with her and my camera is my favorite thing to do!

♡ If you could ask Lexie one thing (and she could answer) what would it be!

If I could ask her anything and she could answer me.. I would ask her if she is happy with me by her side.

♡ What's her favorite past time?

Lexie is always by my side and I hate to leave her alone. We traveled to the Netherlands when she was one years old and a few weeks ago she was with me on an Italian trip. In a few days we are going to start our Germany tour and I'm happy to take her with me. Spending time with her means everything to me.

♡ Can you tell us any funny stories about her?

Hmmm... This girl makes me laugh every day. I love her unconditionally and can't describe how thankful I am that I have her in my life!

♡ What does your BFF mean to you?

I think it's very difficult to describe what Lexie means to me, because sometimes I can't believe that this little lady is mine. My heart is full of love just because of her. She is my little heartbeat, she is the reason why I started with photography and why I chose "lexiesheartbeat" as our Instagram name!