For Besties & Boobies!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to say a huge thank you to all those besties who purchased our Pawsitively Pink design! 10% of all proceeds are donated to help and support women affected by breast cancer.

We asked all of those besties who bought our pink glitter design for some feedback and we were overwhelmed by all the heartfelt responses we received! 💖

Throughout October, we will continue to share some of these touching and inspirational comments* – to raise awareness about such an important cause and hopefully give all of those affected by breast cancer a little extra strength, courage & pawsitivity! 

Why did you choose this design?

“I chose this design firstly because part of the proceeds feed hungry shelter animals & helps those with breast cancer. Secondly, I love the pink glitter!”

“I knew pink would look fantastic on my puppy. I also loved that part of my purchase would help those with breast cancer.”

“I chose this design because my mother-in-law and my close friend both battled breast cancer and are beautiful and strong survivors. I chose this design to wear, bring awareness and help raise more money for this great cause.”

What does your Pawsitively Pink FriendshipCollar mean to you?

“My princess and I get to match, while supporting some amazing, brave, beautiful, strong women.”

“Absolutely everything. My dog and I are connected and everytime I wear this bracelet it reminds me of that.”

“To me it represents all the wonderful women who have fought breast cancer. It represents a strong fight against a terrible disease. I love how the gorgeous sparkly pink brings light to the situation while raising awareness for people like my mother-in-law and friend.”

“My Pawsitively Pink FriendshipCollar means so much to me. I love that me and my dog both match in such a beautiful design while also supporting a great cause. With my grandmother being a breast cancer survivor I’m thankful for opportunities to support breast cancer care however I can.”

How does your bestie help you when you’re having a tough time?

“I can’t get through the day without her cuddle attacks and kisses. She always reminds me that there is good in this world.”

“She loves to cuddle and get kisses. She loves to greet every human she meets by putting her cheek up to their face and receiving as many kisses as they will give! This adorable quirk always comforts me and cheers me up when I need. She has touched so many others hearts with her sweet kisses!”

“My bestie helps me in more ways than I can say in words! When I’m upset she licks my tears away and gives me all the cuddles. When I’m excited she happy dances with me (literally)!!”

“She snuggles and I can just talk to her without judgment.”

How does your bestie help you through a tough time? We want to know!
Haven’t got your paws on our Pawsitively Pink design yet? Grab yours today to add a little sparkle to your life and help women now! 🎗️