FriendshipCollar Reps: Hannah & Skye

By @skye_thelab_

♥ How did you meet your bestie?

I rescued Skye from the animal shelter when she was just a few weeks old. She had been found in a parking lot roaming with her siblings. Luckily they all found great forever homes! She was showing severe signs of anxiety and they were very concerned about her at the shelter. When I first saw pictures posted of her I instantly fell in love with her and knew I needed her to be mine. I went the next day and brought my best friend home. 💕 We have been inseparable ever since.

♥ What is it like to have a dog for a best friend?

Absolutely awesome! There is no other friendship like the friendship between me and Skye. She is always excited to see me and we just can’t get enough of each other. When I have to be away from her, I just count down the minutes until I get to see her again (even if its just a quick trip to the store). My family also jokes around a lot about how similar Skye’s personality is to my own. If she was a human we would basically be the same person. 

♥ How does your dog inspire you?

Skye inspires me in so many ways. She is so loving and forgiving. She always has a way of calming me down and making me feel better. She can bring even the smallest bit of light into any bad situation.

♥ What’s something that makes Skye super happy?

Skye loves to fetch the mail every day. 💌 It’s probably one of the most exciting parts of her entire day. We walk to the mailbox, she sits and waits patiently while I take the mail out of the mailbox, and then I put the mail in her mouth. She then proudly walks back to the house carrying the mail the entire way.

♥ Do you have a funny story about Skye that you can share with us?

One time I was so excited to take a relaxing bubble bath, but Skye climbed in the tub and took the bath over instead. 🛁 She really loved the bubbles.

♥ What do you and Skye like to do together?

Everything! I would take Skye everywhere I go if I could. One of our favorite things to do is get ice cream together. 🍦 It’s her favorite sweet treat. We also love to play hide and seek. Skye will sit and stay while I go hide. When I’m hidden, I yell for her to come find me and she comes running. She thinks it’s so much fun and I laugh way too hard at her trying to sniff out my hiding places.

She absolutely loves it and I love to see her having fun. We swim, we have dance parties, we go on ice cream dates, and so much more! I honestly don’t know who is more obsessed with who haha! 🙂