Our Latest Pet Crush: Logan

Social Media Fame:

Instagram: @loganslook, facebook.com/loganslook, loganslookoftheday.tumblr.com

Love at first sight? Tell us when your friendship started!  Yes, we had an immediate spiritual and sartorial connection.

Nicknames: Lo-Lo, Baby Bear, Tiffany

Breed:   Toy Poodle                

Colour of Fur: Red

Describe Logan in 3 words.. Chill, Smart, Spoiled

What tricks can he do? Playing dead

Tell us a funny story about your pup: The funniest thing about Logan is how people react to him. I’ve had really tough looking men or aloof teenagers just fall apart over him. My friends will regularly pitch social-media ideas at me, which is also funny.

What’s the cutest thing he has ever done?  Sometimes Logan will do these adorable high-pitch barks in his sleep. I don’t know how to describe it except I’m 99.9% sure it’s the cutest sound in the universe.

What is Logan's main personality trait? He's aloof.

Does Logan have any favourite hobbies? Chasing squeaky toys and chewing on squeaky toys.

Describe your dog’s typical day.. Wake up, morning walk, breakfast, chew something, morning nap, afternoon walk, chase something, afternoon nap, chase something, evening walk, dinner, chew something, bedtime.

Finish this sentence. Logan makes me smile when… I look up wondering where he is and look down and see him staring up at me.

My dog is my best friend because... His personality suits my personality.