Laëtitia & Gimli

We talk playing all night & sleeping all day with the mini wolf!

Our latest pet crush: Gimli

Social media fame: Instagram: @gimli_chihuahua

The story: Love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!) I moved with my boyfriend near Paris and we decided to adopt a fur kid together. When we met Gimli, he looked like a mini wolf and we fell in love with him immediately!

Nicknames: King Gimli / Gimli Bear / Goumi

Breed:   Chihuahua

 Colour of fur: Black Sabled Fawn with white markings

Describe your pooch in 3 words… Cheeky, Adorable, Royal

Dog’s favourite trick? Roll over

Tell us a funny story about your pup: Usually Gimli and his cat sister Rose are very well behaved and sleep all night long in the bedroom with us. But one night, they decided to play together ALL NIGHT LONG (Running after each other up & down the stairs, ‘fighting’ in the guest room, etc). Needless to say, we were exhausted and they were too: they spent the whole following day sleeping!

What’s the cutest thing your Gimli does?  The cutest moments are when he licks his cat sister’s head and then Rose licks him back; our hearts are melting every time! They’re very close to each other, they’ve been raised together since they were about 4/5 months old!

Dog’s main personality traits? He loves cuddles and kisses, he barks quite a lot, but is very well-behaved!

Any favourite hobbies?  Playing with his cat sister Rose, going out for walks, exploring and sniffing, going for car rides, meeting new dogs…

Describe your dog’s typical day.. A typical day includes: food, walks, a lot of toys, games with his sister Rose and a lot of ZzzZzz in our bed!

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when … I wake up and I see him sleeping next to me. Waking up to his face every morning is so precious!

My dog is my best friend because… we are very close to each other and we spend so many unforgettable moments together! He makes me so happy!