Harriet & Adley


♡ Your bestie’s name, age and breed?

Adley, 3 month old dalmatian!

♡ How did you meet?

Online! Thankfully we both swiped right! 😉
Just kidding, but I did find his breeder online after lots of searching, and I drove 8 hours to pick him up. 

♡ What’s your dog’s telltale sign that you’re going on an adventure?

Adley knows we’re going on an outing when I put his hardness on. But Adley also has his own backpack, and he knows that if I pack up the backpack, we’re going on a serious adventure. 

♡ Does your dog like going to the vet?

Adley actually really enjoyed the vets office! He got lots and lots of treats and didn’t even notice when he got his shots. 

♡ Does your dog love going to the water? ⛵

Adley loves to be ON the water (on the boat), and he loves to be in water that’s shallow enough for him to stand / jump around in. He loves the beach, the bay, the lake, the pond, and streams. However, he does NOT like the bathtub or the pool so much. 

♡ How did you come up with your dog’s name?

I actually have no idea. I’m from England, and Adley is an old English name. 

♡ Any fun tricks your dog love to show?

Adley loves training time. He is very good at the basics, he’s also mastered leave it, kisses, and speak and is recently learning to rollover. 👌

♡ What is your favorite activity to do together?

We absolutely love to explore. Even though he’s only just 3 months old, we have been on many adventures. 

♡ Does your dog like to play with other people or with other dogs?

Adley is the biggest attention seeker ever. He absolutely loves all the attention from humans and other dogs. He gives kisses and occasional nibbles to every human he meets. Playing with other pups is another one of his favorites, he’s still learning his manners, and is a little bit TOO playful sometimes! 

♡ How has your life changed when you met your dog?

My life has changed dramatically. Adley has made my house feel like a home. Coming home to such a happy face, wiggling bottom and wagging tail is the most gratifying thing.

Adley has become my absolute best friend and I treat him like a child. I take him everywhere I can, and only ever want to go places that allow dogs! We are continuously playing, learning, exploring and spending our days growing together!