Sara & Candy


♡ How did you get your pup?

My Candy was given to me for my eighteenth birthday. I dreamed of having a dog as a child, but my parents have always been against it because they thought it was a whim. In reality, it never was. I always dreamed of having a best friend on all fours. So for the eighteenth, when I grew up when they asked me what I wanted as a gift. I asked for a dog!

♡Have you always wanted a dog?

Yes! As a baby, I used to go and pet all the dogs that passed by me! It was my biggest dream to have a faithful friend by my side.

♡How does it feel to have a dog as a best friend?

It's the best thing there is to have a furry friend you can always count on! When you are sad, when you are happy or angry, you will always find them next to you! Unlike people! And then who welcomes you home all excited? Your pup!

♡ What's the naughtiest thing she has ever done?

Eat horse poop! And try to bite the cat that I found and that has become part of the family! She has a very strong predatory instinct!

♡ Have you always wanted to photograph pets?

I started by photographing insects, or animals that I found around, even details or moments of everyday life. Then I became passionate about pets because the emotions they gave me when photographing them were very strong. so, since I started, I knew right away that this was the road I wanted to take. seize the best moments of our faithful friends!

♡ How do you get a pet to pose in just the way you want? Tell us a bit more about this!

First of all, we need to know about dog psychology very well. We must never make them stressed, but on the contrary, we need to entertain them with games and food so we also attract their attention. You have to alternate shots with moments of play or pampering. Make them feel at ease and don't frighten them. While the photographer must have a lot of patience! And have a great passion to catch the best of them. Therefore the first rule: the welfare of the animal second rule: patience and fun of the photographer. Just so you can give life to beautiful shots! 

♡ What is the most challenging thing about pet photography?

The most challenging thing is being able to capture sincere expressions or actions. Not acting/posing but the true essence and purity of the animals. which we don't have with human beings in front of a camera.

♡ Is there something you need to ask yourself before you push the shutter?

It depends on what type of photos I need to take. If a set specially prepared or if there is a dog that must be portrayed in the wild. For organized sets, always check that everything is in order and in place. I check the frame, that the animal is in order and that it is completely at ease. For outdoor sets, I just have to follow the subject in what he does!

♡ When do you feel most ready to jump start a shoot?

You don't have to be ready, but you have to be very fast to get the most out of every single expression of the animal!

♡ You get to meet so many dogs for work! Can you tell us the best part about working with them?

The best part of working with them is that at that moment I feel carefree and happy. I am so happy and joyful that animals immerse me in my world and there are no more problems. They are special and sincere beings. every time I shoot with them I regenerate myself. I feel good about myself and I know that I will make their owners happy with my shots!

♡ Can you share an amazing experience you have had with your bestie?

We have so many extraordinary experiences. When we went to the beach for the first time she liked it so much. Our trips to the mountains and to the lake, when he saw snow for the first time and our truffle research courses. Every day is a day full of fantastic experiences!

♡ How has your life changed when you met Candy?

When I met Candy my life changed. I never felt alone again! It filled my life with joy and love and introduced me to people who love animals with a big heart. Thank you, my baby!