Heidi & Plume

Our latest pet crush: Plume and my best friend is Heidi

Social Media Fame: 

Instagram: @plumeteacup_heidi

Facebook: Plumeteacup_heidi

Twitter: @plumeteacup

Can you tell us when your friendship with your two gorgeous pooches started!

I was born on the 10th of February in 2012 in South Korea. My mom was waiting for me in Boston, so I had to travel all the way to the U.S with my ‘nanny’. My mom said that I was a tiny, little, adorable ball of fur, only weighing 350 grams! Owing to my already strong personality and cute face, everybody fell in love with me, including our instagram followers…lol!

During my many travels with Mom to the Caribbean, we discovered a small dog locked inside a birdcage on the side of the road. She stopped the car straight away and went to Heidi; so small, sick and weak. Her cute little paws were bleeding through the floor of her cage, her stomach was bloated from being malnourished and her fur was covered in fleas and parasites. After negotiating with her old owners, we came back the next day to pick her up and welcomed her into our family. The first few days in her new home were difficult; Heidi was so weak she could barely even walk. Every time she tried to walk she would fall over. We were scared for her at first but Mom took good care of Heidi, and little by little she had the strength and will to become stronger. I have learned so much with Heidi during the last few years and she has grown up to become an amazing best friend!

Our nickname is: “Les zouzous”

Breeds and colour of fur:

I am a Teacup Maltese with snow-white fur and Heidi is a Chihuahua with caramel fur.

Describe yourself in 3 words...

We are intelligent, playful, and mischievous

Do you have any favourite tricks?

“Pan” or “bang” in English; when we roll to the ground and play dead. We also love “faire la belle” or “be pretty”; when we stand or sit up with our front legs in the air and pose for the camera.
What’s the cutest thing your dogs have ever done together?
When Heidi came home for the first time, she was in terrible shape. She couldn’t walk, and was very malnourished. I was very worried about her and I wanted her to get better as quickly as possible so I decided to help. I would carry croquettes from my bowl and bring them to Heidi so that she wouldn’t have to crawl to the bowl herself. Mom was very touched and thought that I was an exceptionally kind, generous and maternal little dog, but all I wanted to do was help Heidi. 
Car fun!
Tell us your favourite hobbies!
We both love Surfing in the pool, when we see our board floating we hop on. Mom always makes sure that board doesn't stay in the water, she is scared that we will go surfing without her and have an accident. Chasing leaves in the wind is another one, and after all that running, cuddles and napping are next on the checklist.
Do you always play together?
I am quite calm, however depending on my mood I can be very playful, but I also enjoy having some “alone time”, I consider myself quite independent. Heidi on the other paw, is more difficult to handle, she is extremely mischievous, always clowning about. She has a tendency to get in trouble, unlike me she doesn't obey very much. Despite our differences we love being together, we love playing and we have the occasional fight, but deep down Heidi is just a “softy” and we love each other more than anything.
Who is bossier Heidi or Plume?
I am the boss, Heidi often tries to take the upper paw, but I won't let that happen...
Describe your typical day together!
We sleep with Mom and generally get up around 7am, we aren't allowed to move until mom say’s “ good morning girls” at that moment we run to her in excitement giving her morning kisses. We are then let outside, and get breakfast. We usually get a small piece of sausage. The rest of the day is usually a surprise, we travel a lot, we've already seen so much of the world!
What is the best thing about your friendship with your mummy?
We make Mom smile when she wakes up and Heidi and I are waiting impatiently to see her eyes open, and give her our love. Heidi and I are her best friends because we have helped her through difficult times when, she first came home, that's when we really bonded.