Nora & Bane

We chat to Nora & Bane from Instagram the account @lifewithweenies about their friendship

What is your mummy's name? Alysia

How old are you both?Nora is 1 & Bane is almost 1

Your both such cuties! It looks like you do everything together! How long have you been best friends for?

Almost 1 year this Christmas!

What is the best thing about living togther?

Endless fun & cuddles

What is life like for you two little weenies?

Naps, Photo shoots with mom for our Instagram and YouTube account.

Can you tell us a little bit about a typical day?

Mom preps our meals and we do our shoots & have lots of playtime while dad works!

Do you always sleep cuddled up next to each other? It looks super comfy!

Yes, always!

Where is the most exciting place you have both been to?

We have travelled all the way to Japan.

Your both super photogenic who is the biggest poser?

Hmm that's a good one probably Nora she's more enthusiastic about having her photo taken.

When did your mummy start your Instagram and why?

She wanted to connect with other weenie families and see their adorable weens! Also it helps show how adorable we are and we love getting our photos taken.

We saw on your Instagram that you recently had a birthday party! We hope you had the best time! What was your favourite part of your day?

Yes, Nora turned 1 and we had a blast! Lots of goodies, treats and presents

What are your favourite treats?

We love Pupcakes!

Do you love dressing up?

Oh yes anytime mom gets a chance and we love it!

What is the naughtiest thing Bane has ever done?Bane tore up a pair of sandals- very naughty!

What is the cutest thing Nora does?

She's sassy and tends to show it when she wants you to pay attention to her so she shows off her tricks haha

Can you finish this sentence.. My Weenies are my best friends because... they give endless love and make my heart fuller than I ever imagined. Life wasn't the same till they came into our lives and I'm greatful everyday for them!