Tina & Milo

Best friends: Tina & Milo

♡ How does your dog make you feel whole?

He basically makes my life worth living! He is my best friend, son, partner in crime, and my spooning partner during the night!

♡ Donuts are the best because…

It’s cheat food, but since they have a whole in the middle, they are not all cheat food. There is also air. And air has no calories. AKA donuts are not that bad 😆

♡ My bestie sprinkles me with…..

Happiness, lots of laughter and unconditional love!

♡ My dog hates when I leave them so much that he…..

Gives me the sweetest puppy dog eyes to make sure I run back home as soon as I possibly can!

♡ My dog’s guilty pleasure is….

Had to ask Milo for this one: “Singing along to songs so my neighbours start to wonder if I’m alright. I totally am though, I just can’t help that I’m a such rockstar!” 🎙️🕺

♡ What do you love more? Dogs or Donuts?

I feel like I need to say dogs here, or else Milo might have a rage attack…

♡ Finish this sentence.. Donut Worry, Be….

Happy (AKA get a dog which basically means the same thing)

♡ If you can tell us a bit more about how you got your dog!

This is quite a funny story! It all began in 2015. I was 19 years old and had been wanting a dog for quite some time. My first ever dog to be exact! I had always had my mind on a Kleinspitz, until I came over this cute Instagram account of a toy poodle in Australia. Right at that moment I knew I had to research the breed. I never thought I would be fond of poodles, until I did more research on them. It was the perfect dog for me! I contacted a breeder in February 2015, where they said they would have a red toy litter October the same year. I got excited, hoping maybe I would find my future bestie there…

Fast forward to the last Saturday of April. I get a text from the breeder saying they would only have a black litter that year, wondering if I was still interested. I said I needed some time to think, as I was really set on a red one. I therefore contacted a few breeders in Norway, and the day after I got a reply:

“Hi there. We have a litter ready to be delivered on Friday.
There is one red boy left. 
He is quite tiny, and no one really wants him. Would you be interested?”

I was jumping with excitement. However, there were two problems… I had just had an ankle surgery, and still wore a cast. How would I be able to walk him? The second was the money. I was a student at the time, and didn’t have thousand of dollars laying around.

The following day I went to my physiotherapist, and said “I might get a dog on Friday, can you make me walk by then?!”

I got lucky. It all worked out with the money as I had a savings account, and my physiotherapist was the best. I called the breeder on Wednesday and said, “I’ll take him!”
On Friday he was in my arms, and we’ve been best friends ever since! ❤️

♡ What is life like with your bestie?

It’s amazing! As I am chronically ill, I am not able to work. I like to say I am a stay at home dog mom! Therefore, I am never alone, and I don’t feel as isolated and lonely as I would have felt without him. We cuddle, take lovely hikes together, and just enjoy each other’s company.

He is truly my best friend and the best little thing that has ever happened to me!