In bed with your bestie!

Do you allow your bestie to sleep on your bed or is it a no-go zone?! We asked besties Brittney and Bear, what their sleeping habits were like! 

Here's what she said:
Bear has slept with me each night since he was eight weeks old. I really enjoy being well rested, so Bear and I typically go to bed around 8:30 in the evening. Bear starts his bedtime routine laying at the foot of my bed, always being sure to her right beside my foot! Once I fall asleep, he can be heard crawling up under my bed, and shortly after he’s on the floor below me, sound asleep. He now keeps a little blanket and his purple stuffie under there with him; he got cold this winter!

In the morning at about 5 AM he crawls from under my bed and lays on his actual bed right by the door. I get up at 6:30 each day and he’s always looking up at me, tail wagging. I had always grown up with a dog in our home, so when I moved out I was always searching for the perfect pet. I saw his picture and wasn’t able to get him right away because another family had already spoken for him, but I knew that he was meant to be mine. I followed my gut and was patient enough to wait until the following week and I called the afternoon he was supposed to be picked up and he was still there. I was on the road less than an hour later.

Bear and I just celebrated 2 years together back on March 31st. In this time he has taught me so much about unconditional love. I had been struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety and Bear quickly became my emotional support animal. He’s so attentive and he knows just what to do to get my mind off a stressful day.

An interesting study published from researchers at Canisius College showed that, of the 962 adult women interviewed, over 50% of them share their bed with at least one of their dogs, if not more!

The same study also found that over 55% of the women share their bed with a partner, and a little over 30% share their bed with a cat.

My favorite part of their results revealed that the women's dog(s) were less likely to wake them up then their partner or cat. Kudos to you, Bear!

Additionally, the results showed that sleeping with a dog in their bed led to a greater sense of comfort and safety. I for one, totally agree, when Bear sleeps at my feet versus his bed on the floor, I wake up feeling like I got a great night's rest and am fully ready to take on the day!

The researchers also stated that the way you perceive your pet can make a huge difference in the level of comfort you feel when sharing your bed with them, so go ahead and admit how important your relationship with your dog is, you'll both benefit from that stronger bond! 🥰

Can you get some shut eye with your bestie by your side? Or do they snore too loud or take up too much of the bed for you to get comfy?

Does your bestie sleep with you? We want to know!