Best friends: Her best friends are Zombie the rough collie (Zombiethecollie) and Morf, a mini aussie.

Instagram: Innatheiggy

Facebook: Inna the iggy

♡ How old is Inna?

Inna is 3 years old

♡ How did you get Inna?

I got her from an Italian greyhound breeder here in Sweden

♡ What is her relationship like with her siblings?

We have only met 2 of her real siblings now that she's older and she is very playful and happy when she meets up with them. We have another dog at home that we are calling her sister and Inna totally loves and adores her.

♡ Does she love going to competitions?

We don't do a lot of competing ourselves yet but Inna loves to meet new people and new dog friends when we go to dog shows and other places.

♡ We noticed that she loves to sleep. What is her favorite spot in the house to sleep!

The favorite place too sleep is in the bed under the covers or in the sofa under a blanket.

♡ She is always camera ready! What is her favorite pose?

She is the best poser and people always get chocked that she is so easy to photograph. Her best pose is in profile when she looks into the horizon.

♡ She is so playful :smile: What is her favorite toy or place to play!

Her favorite toy is a white seal that I got for her on a cruise. Now each time I go on a cruise I have to buy her a new seal just because I know that's her favorite toy of all the hundreds that she have. The best place to play at is when she comes with me to work every day (doggy daycare) and she loves to play with all of her friends there.

♡ She is so active. Can you tell us about her tricks?

She is a quick learner and the tricks that she loves to do is spin, turn, sit, paw, shame, play dead and kiss.

♡ Can you tell us a funny story about her?

Inna is the most wonderful dog that makes me laugh every day but here is a story for you guys.I was going to wash one of her favorite blankets because it was really dirty after adventures and such. I put the blanket in the washing machine and was going to look if there was anything else that needed to be washed too. So I got caught doing other things and after 2 hours I was going to take Inna for a walk and I called her name but she didn't come. I looked for her everywhere and after 10 minutes I found her sleeping INSIDE the washing machine on her beloved blanket with the look in her eyes like "Why is my blanket in this weird thing?". Of course the washing machine was off and the door to it was open and I just couldn't stop laughing at her. Ever since we are very careful and close the door to it if we have things in it.

♡ What is the cutest thing Inna has ever done?

The cutest and most heartwarming thing she has ever done is when I was sad and she crawled up to my face to lay on my arm and kissed the tears away. She is the best friend that always comforts me whenever I get sad.I love Inna because she is always there for me, in bad times and in good times. She always makes me smile and is always close to me to keep me company. She is my BFF :hearts: