"Cuddliest Bulldog Duo + Human"

Best friends: York, Ro & Anya

Social Media account handles: @yorkthebully

Nicknames: Yorkenstein, Ro Bag, Fat Boy, Boo Boos

Breed: English Bulldog

Colour of fur: White & Brown

♡ How did you come up with the names York and Ro? Is there a story behind this?

York got his name from New York. New York is very special to my husband and I because it's where we decided no matter what we were going to make our long distance relationship work!Ro got her name from my mama, Ro Ro. She passed away from pancreatic cancer when I was sixteen. I know she is laughing in heaven that a puppy is named after her!

♡ Can you tell us more about their personalities? Are they similar or completely different?

Both pups are super needy & super loving. They both want everyone to give them attention and love. York is the crazy one, and Ro is the sweet one. York loves to destroy toys & everything that's not a toy. Ro is just not into toys!

♡ It's clear you love your outings to the beach! Can you describe how excited York and Ro get when they know it's beach time?

We live only 2 minutes away from the beach so it's almost a daily routine! I don't think they realize how lucky they are to live so close. They now don't show excitement until they have their toes in the sand! #spoiled

♡ Tell us a bit about York & Ro's Instagram! How did it start?

I started Instagram in March 2015. I had recently moved to South Africa from America. It was a big adjustment for me & York was my first friend! Of course, I thought he was so cute and started posting pictures just for fun. I was shocked people started following us and it just continued to grow from there! I absolutely love the Instagram (bulldog) community. It feels like we have made life long friends from all over the world.

♡ Do they love posing for your pictures?

York absolutely loves modeling. To be honest, he behaves better when the camera is out. I don't think Ro understands fully the concept of modeling yet!

♡ York & Ro seem really close, do they always get along well?

Yes, they love each other too much! The only time they get annoyed with each other is when one tries to eat the others food!

♡ Do they have any favourite tricks?

Their favorite trick is paw a million times. They will just keep giving you high fives!!

♡ What's the cutest thing your dogs have ever done together?

Sleep together. Every Day & Every Night. It melts my heart to see how much they cuddle in their sleep. Nap time will always be my favorite time of the day!

♡ Lastly, can you finish this sentence: My bulldogs are my best friends because...

They are my babies! I cherish everything about them and they simply can always put a smile on my face & others!