Kaylin & Charlie

♡ How old is your bestie?

Charlie is 8 years old. Her birthday is March 10, 2008.

♡ What is life like with your little dachshund?

Charlie makes everything better! Regardless of the day I am having, she is always wagging her tail, happy to see me. People make fun of me, but I am always talking and singing to her. I always find myself wondering what Charlie thinks about me, and if she thinks I am a complete weirdo! When we first brought Charlie home, she was not technically mine. She was actually my mom's dog. I don't know how, maybe it was all the treats I fed her, but she soon decided that she was extremely fond of me. From that day forward, I gained an extra shadow!

Charlie now follows me everywhere. If I am using the restroom, she is in there with me; and when I am showering, she is scratching at the door to get in or sleeping on top of the toilet seat. It is an unexplainable feeling to be loved so much by a dog. The day Charlie's papers were switched from my mom's name to mine was a really happy day for me! I don't know what my life would be like without this little sassy, long haired dachshund! I wake up every morning to her cute little furry face licking me and from there we start our day.

♡ What is the cutest thing that she does?

I think the absolute cutest thing Charlie does is share a pillow with me. At night when we are sleeping sometimes she will move from her corner of the bed arena come up by me and lay her head by mine on my pillow. Every time she does this I get so happy! But after I start hoping that I won't move around too much while I'm sleeping because I don't want to roll on her.

Sometimes when you are petting her chest or her neck she will wrap her little arms around your hand! It is the cutest thing ever and I think she uses it to her advantage. She knows she gets pet longer when she does that. She actually has a good grip too, you can truly tell that she is purposely trying to hold on to you. Oh, and Charlie also knows the word paw. If you say paw and put your hand out, she will put her paw in your hand!

♡ Can you tell us any funny stories about her?

Charlie likes to think she is the boss dog, maybe because she is the oldest and most sassiest of the dogs at my house. One day the dogs were all playing outside and her and another dog were walking on the sidewalk. The other dog actually got off the sidewalk just to let Charlie walk by first.

She loves to catch flies, and in the summer time my house has a lot of flies. They drive her insane and she is constantly looking for them in the house. She will jump up and snap at the flies. She has only ever caught like 2 I believe. Sometimes she charges so hard at the flies that she will run in to the wall, mirror, or whatever object just happens to be near by! Other than that, Charlie is a pretty lazy, mellow dog who just really enjoys sleeping.

♡ She always looks so happy! Can you tell us about any adventures that she has been on?

If I could take her everywhere, I would! She has been on a few hiking adventures in Crestline, CA. She loves hiking but she is so low to the ground that she always has problems staying clean. I constantly pull sticks and twigs from her fur. She was also at the southern california wienerfest this year in Huntington Beach, CA. The festival was super fun and she really enjoyed it! There were so many other dachshunds and the festival had water bowls everywhere, pools, dog toys, cute doggy photo opportunities, merchandise, treats, and poop shaped cupcakes. She was able to meet other dogs and even have a caricature done! You can see photos from this event and more on her instagram @lovelylittlecharlie.

♡ Where does she sleep? What's her favorite thing to do?

Charlie really enjoys going for car rides. Once she hears my keys or sees me grab my purse, this little dog is running to the door, hoping I'll let her come with me. It is hard to say no to her when she is this excited! Another thing she enjoys is sleep. This dog can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Her favorite place to sleep is in my room or on the back of the couch. In my room she has a little bed on my bed and a dog bed on the floor. She normally switches off between the two in no specific pattern. If Charlie gets lucky enough to find a fresh, warm pile of clean laundry, she will be in that laundry pile trying to make a bed faster than you can say laundry. She is also a dog, and everyone knows that dogs love food!!!

♡ If Charlie could talk what would she say?

She would probably ask someone to open the refrigerator for her. There is a good chance she would also ask someone to take her for a car ride! I would hope that she would tell me that I am a great dog mom and that she is happy with her life.Charlie is wearing the NEW Silver Gloss Glitter FriendshipCollar!

Life with Charlie is... The best life!