FriendshipCollar Reps: Isabell & James


🐾 How did you and James become besties?

My husband and I grew up with dogs. When I went back to university, we decided this was a good time to get a dog. I knew my husband likes big dogs as much as I do, so sneaky me collected some information on Great Danes and looked for a good breeder. When James was 6 weeks old, we visited him and his siblings for the first time. It was love at first sight! 😍 James was nibbling on our shoelaces and my braid the whole time and when he got tired he just climbed on top of the puppy pile to get some sleep. We visited the puppies a few more times and 4 weeks later we finally could take him home with us. Since then we’ve been inseparable!

🐾 Can you tell us a little about him?

Sure! He’s a 4 year-old Great Dane from Switzerland and just a big baby. He’s very well behaved and a really good boy, but don’t you dare ask him to step out of the car when it’s raining and there’s a puddle in front of the door – he can be quite the diva! 🤣 He’ll step out eventually, but he will blame you for being wet.

🐾 Can you share a story about how FriendshipCollar has touched your life?

It’s so hard to find any collars in James’ size! We don’t like metal chains or anything like that, so when we found out about FriendshipCollar and all their amazing designs, we felt like we were in heaven. Big dogs like cute collars, too!

🐾 Where is James the happiest?

Wherever we are! He can stay alone very well, but he loves to come with us wherever we go.

🐾 What does he think about dressing up and wearing props?

To be honest: He just doesn’t care. He really likes picture time and he’s sooo patient. But when I feel he’s not comfortable, we immediately stop and do something else. We never dress him up in everyday life, though. A nice collar is the best accessory for a dog!

🐾 Does James know any fun tricks?

He does! He can do sit, down, stand up, high-five, bow down, heel, hold things in his mouth, paw and nose touch, turn around and so on. Oh, and he really likes to search for stuff we hide for him like toys or even easter eggs. But what is more important to us is that he knows how to relax and behaves well in public. He won’t greet or even touch strangers and doesn’t touch any food that’s on the table (or even on the floor) without us telling him he can take it.

🐾 Can you share a funny story about James?

There would be too many! But here’s a cute one: So there’s his teddy bear. He never plays with it, but instead brings it to us whenever he wants to show us his love. For example, when we come home, he will greet us wagging his tail and then run away to get Teddy. He’ll then show it to us proudly and will suckle on it while we pet him. He only brings Teddy to people he really likes! 🐻

PS: When he brings you his Teddy it means he really likes you. BUT: You’re not supposed to touch Teddy. Instead of that you should admire it and pet James while telling him how amazing he is. If you touch Teddy, he’ll just drop it and walk away slightly offended.

🐾 Does James like to model?

Yes! When he sees I’m preparing our photo corner, he’ll come right over and start to pose 📸 But I always make sure he’s having fun by playing and cuddling between photos. Oh, and there are treats involved, too. 😊 He loves getting all the attention. 

🐾 Why did you become a Rep?

We really like the idea of matching collars and bracelets! But I guess what we love most is that all dogs and cats, no matter what size they are, can rock a FriendshipCollar!

🐾 What is your favorite activity to do together?

That’s a hard one. We really love to cuddle, but we also enjoy hiking in the mountains together and doing NADAC Hoopers Agilty.

🐾 What is his favorite treat?

He is crazy about his chews (dried cow ears), but embarrassingly he also really loves cheeseburgers… 🍔🤭

🐾 Do you have any tips on getting the pawfect photos of James in his FriendshipCollar?

Keep calm and make sure your bestie is happy at all times! Use treats or toys to make him look in the right direction and try to keep him excited for taking pictures. Praise him a lot and just have a good time together. But never try to force anything, otherwise your dog won’t enjoy it anymore. Whatever you do, always respect your dog’s limits and feelings. ❤️

🐾 Which designs are on your wish list?

We’d love if there would be more designs in XXXL! The whole classic collection looks amazing, and we really love “Great British Canine”, “The Top Dog”, “Magical Malachite”, “The Jet Set Pooch”, “Out of this World”, “Dotty about you” “Devoted Doggy” and “Exotic-a-go-go – Emerald Green”. But currently “Pina Collarda” is our favourite – it looks so fun! Well, that’s a very long list, I guess, but we just love your designs!!